4th Apr 2006, 18:25

I have driven Citroen in the past 9 years. All over from BX 19 TRI, CX 22TRS, CX 25 GTI (pressed) to ZX 1,8 Advance Weekend. The ride in the ZX, is not to compare to BX, CX, DS, GS/A etc. but, but, it is by far to be compared with ordinary cars. I would say, that the ride in the ZX, is better than the BX I had, but beaten by my two CX´s.

Just like many other Zx owners, it will not be parted from the house hold, before the day it die a natural death. I love it!

1st Jul 2006, 05:24

For a start the BX's ride is in no way comparable to the DS, GS/A and CX.. Xantia and Xm also out-ride the BX. For a hydropneumatic setup the BX has a far more 'normal' feel on the road; its still very smooth, but slightly firmer than previous Citroens of this type. I agree with the review having driven countless Citroens over the years I also think the a good ZX and a good BX will be pretty closely run for ride comfort.. plus the ZX will outhandle it... not that BX have poor handling... indeed they have great handling.. its just that the ZX has exceptional handling.

1st Jul 2006, 05:31

"The best small family car of the early 1990's!"

Having accidentally come across launch details of the ZX recently it seems the motoring press at the time were in agreement with this reviewer. In the 1992 new car honours (Auto Express) the ZX scooped 'Best car', 'Best diesel' and 'Best compact car'.

What car described ZX as 'The nearest thing yet to the perfect family car'.

Autocar hailed it as 'The best car in the real world'.

2nd Jul 2006, 07:20

Yes, it was widely regarded as the best of it's type... until the 306 came along, (same car really, but prettier).

My ZX TD is still going strong at 146k miles. Still a pleasure to drive around the twisties.

10th Jul 2006, 14:53

I have a 94 zx 1.9 diesel, I find it hard to engage gear, could you tell me if it would be difficult to fit a new clutch.