1973 Dacia 1300 1.3 Litre Inline-4 petrol from North America


A great beater car that you can really rely on


I had to replace the Master Cylinder. It was making a weird thumping noise when I put the break on.

Not much else major has gone wrong.

I replaced the transmission because the overdrive (4th gear) blew out.

General Comments:

This is a great little car.

I bought it when I was still living in London. It was cheap, and I took it with me on my frequent business trips to Switzerland - it did very well on the mountains there.

However, the service here in the US is terrible.

I really enjoy it though. I would definitely get another one if I could find one that wasn't already trashed.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2002

5th Aug 2002, 17:57

I'm glad that you liked this car and that you plan on buying another one. I'm a Romanian that now lives in U.S., and, from my experience, Dacia was the perfect car for the financial status of our country, even though it broke almost monthly. But, with the Romanian blood filling our veins, we put our hands and skills to work and repaired it ourselves. Anyways, since I'm getting all sentimental about Romania, I wanted to inform you that the Dacia manufacturing plant in Pitesti, Romania awaits you with arms wide open to buy a new car. Especially that they are planning on bringing out a new model, a high quality, low price Dacia, that's coming up in 2004. Believe me, Dacia's, if you know them well enough (how to repair them and maintain them) will, for sure, be a car that will live longer that yourself. I know/knew tons of people that had Dacias 15 years old or older.

And I have a question, (if you read please reply your own comment) how did you manage to bring it in US?

Anyways, my opinion is buy a Dacia, since Romania... well, needs your money.

1986 Dacia 1300 1.3 petrol engine from Romania


An all-around good car!


I bought this car in 1986 as a brand

new model. It has never been in any serious mechanical trouble.

The paint job has been remade twice.

The engine is in very good shape taking

7 litres outside of town and 8.5 in the city.

General Comments:

Even trough it is not that fast and

glamorous I think it is one of the best east-European cars ever built

The good thing is that you can find spares anywhere.

The car is very reliable.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2002

8th Jun 2002, 08:21

The dacia is nothing more than a Renault 12 laid low by poor build quality. If you want a good one, search out a Renault original.

9th Jun 2002, 21:53

Your car was probably good because it was an EXPORT model. The cars that were sold on the romanian market were really really lousy.

1972 Dacia 1300 1.3 petrol from Romania


Unreliable, but it works!


Too much to list. For example the poor paint, the seats squeak, the radiator leaks, and there was a problem with the differential. Then there are small details such as the windscreen wipers which did not work, etc. etc.

The biggest problem is rust.

General Comments:

The performance is not bad for its age, but it is quite unreliable.

In Romania everyone has them, so spares are easy to get. This is a good thing as the car rusts easily.

It's very good for learning to be a mechanic because it breaks down so much.

The car provides cheap transport when it works. Inside the interior is quite tasteful, nice and comfortable though when I got it it had no seatbelts.

Outside the car looks in perfect condition, but actually underneath it is really rusty. So much that I do not like to use it in case it splits in 2!!!

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Review Date: 7th May, 2002

24th Jun 2005, 13:53

The dacia 1300 from it's concept has seat belts in the front.

7th Nov 2005, 09:13

My dad has a 1972 Dacia 1300.

After approx. 120,000 km the engine was rebuilt. (He was young, the car was young … you figure the rest)

Now that he is up to approx 500,000 km the engine was rebuilt about 3 more times. The transmission was taken apart and fixed about 10 yrs. ago. Works fine since than.

I believe there is not one original component left in the whole car (except the engine block). The car still runs OK, but shows his age. The chassis rusts easily, but trust me; my dad took really good care of his car. He spent almost every summer working on it.

Did I mention that all original parts were made in France? (even the light bulbs, tires, door handles, gauges and the keys) Apparently the original components lasted longer.

I am sentimental about this car; I practically grow up in it. But I still say; it doesn not stand a chance today. More than 30 years ago was a good design, good car, however even than the Renault 16 was a higher class and a better car.