2009 Dacia Sandero Ambiance Plus 1.4 from Bosnia and Herzegovina


A to B, but with the quality no others can match at this price


Nothing significant yet. It's a new car so it's to be expected that nothing is wrong.

However... I noticed slight condensation in the rear lights, and the indicators for opened doors and belts are not working. Have to check the manual, but I guess this model should have it.

Also, manual says that if the door is opened, it will flash several times when you attempt to lock it by remote. I tested it, and even with two doors wide open, it flashes only regular two times and considers it closed... Hm.

General Comments:

As a previous owner of Alfa Romeo, I decided to go with my mind not heart this time. So far, I have not made a mistake. Just don't know why everyone is annoyed with Dacia's seats. I've used both, Logan and Sandero, and cannot find anything wrong with the seats. OK, not really sporty and not comfy as in Citroen e.g. but quite OK for the class (and price).

The car runs smooth and, coming from gas pedal thirsty Alfa, I like laziness of 8 valve engine. Easily cruises in 4th and corners in 3rd in town. Also I like overall height. Tall seating position and tall car itself give a sort of SUV feeling. Being 6.2" tall, I'd like some more steering wheel adjustment (or it's just a habit). This way, the wheel somehow sits quite low, almost between your legs, and I can't fully see instruments (top parts of instruments are covered with the steering wheel).

Space inside is good. Although it's not as spacious in the cabin as they advertise it (when I adjust the seat to suit me, hardly children can sit behind), the boot is great.

There's one more thing to get used to. Isolation of mud guard areas is not really superb, so everything that comes over your wheels - you'll hear it quite well. In peaceful ride, tire noise will be there all the time. As for the rest, so far it seems as well screwed together. Yes, it's cheap and plastic, but without that "chinese plastic" feeling that something will fall off any moment.

Basic, new transportation that will carry you from A to B and with no particular problems. When you put on one side what it offers and who stands behind Dacia and the price on the other side - I doubt there more bang for buck in the Europe currently. I got mine, with Ambiance Plus equipment (metallic colour, front electric windows, fog lights, A/C, remote locking) for 6.750 EUR with VAT included! I'm definitely not so rich to buy used cars of the same value any more.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2010

14th Feb 2010, 09:03

Just few remarks. Overall, it should be "smiling smiley" as my mark :) Secondly, if everything continues well, I'd consider buying another car from the same manufacturer (maybe Duster II? :) ).

21st Oct 2010, 09:09

I've recently bought a Sandero Lauriet version (airbags, split rear set etc) with the Renault single rail 1.5 diesel.

After 3 months of ownership, I am still smiling, as quite honestly this car ticks all the boxes for me.

A modern well made hatchback.

Frugal yet nippy diesel engine (around 60 mpg).

3 year mechanical & 6 year body guarantee.

A very comfortable new car to drive at the price of a 3 or 4 year old Ford Focus (both cars are virtually the same size).

These Sandero's are selling like hot cakes in Europe, particularly France, where they are the 3rd most reliable!

Treat yourself... go on!

2009 Dacia Sandero Stepway 1.6 MPI from Romania


Good buy



General Comments:

I enjoy very much driving this car.

The 1.6 engine delivers decent performance and the suspension is very well setup. It is very comfortable on poor roads, and the ground clearance is well suited for Romanian roads (the Stepway version has higher ground clearance compared to regular Sandero versions).

The fuel consumption is not great, but confirms manufacturer figures.

The interior is a major improvement on the Dacia Logan, and there is enough space for all passengers.

I think reliability will be very good considering the statistics for Logan (that is sharing the same platform).

I think this car is good value for money.

There is also a diesel version, but I was advised to avoid it because of the poor quality of diesel fuel in Romania.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2010