Solenza Clima

Not bad at all, for the money

71 words, Romania

Solenza Clima 1.4 petrol

Great value for money!

73 words, Romania

Solenza Rapsodie 1.4 MPI

An affordable car that must be worked on. Ideal for the Romanian roads

203 words, Romania

Solenza Scala 1.4 - E7J (based on Renault's 1.4 - K7J)

Conclusion: 6507 Euro spent for nothing! I'm not going to buy any other product of Dacia (even if Gr

240 words, Romania, 4 comments

Solenza Confort 1.4

For 5100 euro (taxes included) it's a great car

77 words, Romania, 1 comment

Solenza Scala 1.6 gasoline

The best car ever built in Romania!

84 words, Romania, 13 comments