31st Aug 2010, 05:51

Further to my review in July. So far, so good. Nothing has broken, nothing has stopped. In fact the car is a "clockwork mouse". Just wind it up and let it go. I still adhere to my comments about "ticky tacky" plastic, but a tube of Selleys Multigrip used where the glue can't be seen works wonders. Yes, I do agree with the comment made by a reader of my review about the electrics. In fact the electrical system/wiring is very good. I think the previous owner/owners as mechanics, would have made very good gorillas. I suppose the trick with any older car is check it out properly, bargain hard, and be prepared to do a lot of work yourself.

Good points of this particular Daewoo 1.5i.

Fuel economy - I seem to be a stranger now at the service station.

Reliability - well, with not many kilometers done since I bought the Daewoo, it is too early to say, but my comment above about being a "clockwork mouse" is fairly apt.

Transmission - an auto three speed with a positive 1 to 1 "lock" at about 60kmh. Solid, easy shifting, seems the transmission is/was made for much more powerful cars which is a good point.

Power steering - good, easy. But the belt sets up a squeal when it is raining. So what!

Brakes - not brilliant, but let's say adequate. Did seem that a front disc was warped, but the "pedal pulsing" has stopped, and now the brakes are smooth. Makes me think the car was left "sitting" for quite some time.

Engine - still one "rattle tip/tap" tappet. Be careful replacing the valve cover. The gasket is cork and will leak. Go back to it after a few days and tension the eight bolts down again. Otherwise you will have a lovely burning oil smell. Engine itself, slight rough idle, but smooth in all other rev ranges. Time for new plugs/leads etc and clean the injectors. (the injectors look exactly like the injectors used in Holden Commodores - the GM influence I suppose".

Any old car is a risk. The trick is knowing what to look for, ie;, trouble type things. I would not have bought a Daewoo, but it "was there" and was the right sized package, a hatchback and four doors, auto, power steering, and air-con.

Air-con - hmmm, put the belt on and the compressor sounds like a bag of nails. Have to trace the wiring through to find out which feed will engage the air-con clutch, and take it from there. Seems Daewoo air-con compressors are all the same model/type, no matter which Daewoo it may be. And, I think re-con units are available.

Suspension - yep, still rough, harsh, not designed for Australian roads. But, apart from the roughness, not a knock or rattle from the suspension.

Paint work - terrible. But, that is the nature of bargain basement cars, even when new.

In all, I think the Daewoo 1.5i was built to fit two rules:

1. The "KISS" rule. Keep It Simple S#$#$$.

2. Built for strong, not for pretty.

Still - my first choice was a Toyota Corolla hatchback, but they are as rare as the proverbial rocking horse you know what, so the Daewoo ran second in the race because it "was there".

In time I may update the comments on the thought that there may be other Daewoo 1.5i owners out there who might like to read or share their views.

17th Nov 2010, 06:24

Sold - gone! Could not put up with the rough and harsh suspension any longer. If you have a Daewoo 1.5i, forget about what you paid for it. Regard what you paid as "dead money". No dealer wants one, a couple of dealers offered $500.00. I was lucky and only lost $300.00 on what I paid for it three months ago. Any repairs will cost more than the value of a 1.5i. Forget about Red Book and Glass's Guide values. The real world is different.

In my humble opinion, don't ever consider buying one, even as a "run-about".