2003 Daewoo Cielo Executive 1.5.DOHC from Romania




My baby car is everything I have ever wanted to drive. Everything goes smoothly and perfect. Nothing, I mean nothing went bad with my baby so far. Good speed - I will never have any problems with her. It is a pity Daewoo does not produce any more this model. Any Dacia will never be a match for my car! The Logan is the worst car ever driven!

I never intend selling it, even if I will buy another car, also. I will leave her to my children, and this is no joke. You should see her, she looks astonishing!

General Comments:

This is the car of my dreams. As a normal man, I`d had normal expectations from a car, but I fell in love with her as soon as my foot touched my baby`s pedals. It is great and extremely reliable, I will never sell it for the whole world.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 25th February, 2006