30th Aug 2005, 04:47

I agree with the previous comments. The Daewoo Lacetti is one of thenicest cars that I have owned. It is well built and drives beautifully with very little road noise etc. We are very happy with our purchase.

24th Sep 2007, 12:06

I am the original poster and recently sold my Lacetti in Sudan, Africa. it gave me 25,000 tough African miles without any real problems. I did have to change the tires to some Michelins as the stock Korean tires could not handle the African roads and heat. I also had to have the interior cabin air filter cleaned every 2 months because of the Sahara desert wanting to get inside the car. I sold the car for almost what I paid for it and I am sure it has many more tough years ahead of it. Not a bad vehicle.

11th Aug 2009, 06:36

Exactly, it's Chevy who are selling the Daewoo cars. Nothing else. The best cars ever to hit the road were made by DAEWOO.

19th Feb 2018, 19:50

It isn't right, the Lacetti engines are not the same as the ones from Vauxhall/Opel or Holden, they are Daewoo engines, and they are reliable. And Lacetti isn't a Chevrolet at all, it is fully designed and engineered by Daewoo.

Daewoo cars are reliable, but people don't take care of them, just use them without even changing the oil or a 20$ timing belt at 60.000km and then they complain like: "oh, the battery went dead, the timing belt broke, a button broke... never again a Daewoo", but if they buy a Mercedes A Class and it is full of faults and every repair costs tons of money, they don't say anything, they still love Mercedes :)

Not fair. Daewoo cars can be maintained with very low money, the engines are reliable.

Look at german cars... are they reliable??