1994 Daewoo Nexia GLXi 1.5 from UK and Ireland


I lost £1400 in 1 year on a piece of junk


If I can remember everything,

1) Alternator failed, leaving me stranded on the motorway in the middle of winter.

2) MOT failed, needed a new catalyst converter which cost £250+

3) CV joint split, needed replacing. Cost £100, I think.

4) Central locking failed constantly, fixed it my self using my trusty can of WD40.

5) Seats have started to wear badly.

6) Dashboard rattles like hell, still ain't fixed.

7) Its got he worst sound system in the world. It's not even a system. It's just sound.

8) Annoying rattling sound coming from all 4 corners of the car. Can't afford to fix it. I don't even think it can be fixed.

General Comments:

Car is quite nippy in and around town. But on motorway journeys, it's a definate no fly zone. Engine revs too much in 5th gear and it quickly drys out the water and overheats. The car will literally, be in smokes. Believe me, I've done it.

Doesn't handle that good.

Look ability wise, it's still "left over Astra parts"

Not comfortable at all. The ride is too bumpy and you just can't help noticing the load noise from the suspension.

I brought this car for £1000, spent more than £800 on repairs etc, and sold it at an auction for £400.

I lost £1400 in 1 year. Need I say more.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2003

7th Jan 2006, 16:59

That'll be the Daewoo...