1992 Daewoo Racer 1.5 petrol from Pakistan


A very good car in this price range


The brakes have been weak since purchase. Six months ago the back right front wheel disk started heating up after a short run. Got serviced by replacing the cylinder seals TWICE, and the third time by resurfacing the disk plates with a TOOL as desired by the mechanic as he was not satisfied without that. The problem still exists at both front wheels that they get excessively heated up specially at higher speeds. I understand that disks are not getting fully separated even without pressure. Master cylinder has not been touched at all so far.

Can some one help me to get this rectified.

My contact is ggmedcon2@gmail.com

General Comments:

Strong and sturdy in all respects. Parts are a bit costly and need to be looked for in the market. Mechanics are also few.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2009

1992 Daewoo Racer GTE 1.5 from Iran




Brake system has started to a give a poor response since 50000 km.

General Comments:

This car is very excellent.

However I had problem with the brake system. One day suddenly the brake pedal released and I could not control the car.

I BELIEVE that because of this car made by Daewoo under license from GM company, it can make you relaxed when you are driving with it.

Never will I sell it, because I love it, and also I love american cars.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2007

1992 Daewoo Racer GTi 1.5GTI from Pakistan


A great wonderful marvelous vehicle


My distributer module malfunctioned at 45000.

Dash board makes too much noise

General Comments:

A great car.

Runs moves nothing like it .

Wonderful car best one.

Better than corolla, civic and Suzuki. This car is seriously quick and handles like it's on rails.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2003

6th Jul 2006, 05:13

I have this car since the Christmas holidays of 1992 and particularly happy with it.

It's now almost 86000 km and the worst thing that happened with my Korean love so far is the drum brakes that blocked due to unknown reason (most likely humidity). Now I face some major repairs 'cause some mechanic didn't do what he was supposed to do - apart from the air & fuel filters I have to change the exhaust system (maybe the whole),the timing belt, some minor maintenance on the front-end, fix the A/C (the freon has leaked out)

+The car accelerate very quickly;

+Handles well and for a '92 car is full of extras;

+Out of town it's capable of maintaining 150-160kph @5th gear (3700-4500rpm);

+There's room for customizations;

-Dashboard rattles, especially on our "nice" roads, on highway is like a wasp;

-14 years now, there are minor traces of rust on the both rear fenders;

-the A/C eats about 10% of the power, so its almost impossible to overtake with the A/C on (except on highways).

1992 Daewoo Racer GSi 1.5 litres from Singapore


Quite liked it


Not much. Some electrical problems, specifically the distributor module... which was probably aggravated by some mod jobs that I foolishly did when the car was new. To get the best from a Racer, keep it as it is. It does not take kindly to upgraded ignition coils, etc, etc.

Trimming is as cheap as they come... much better than the Lada, but really nowhere near any Japanese or continental job.

Power windows and locks work great.

General Comments:

Handles better with 185/60 tires than OEM 170/70.

Airconditioning isn't great. I suppose the gleaming black coat on this Racer acts as an "oven". Lesson... don't drive black cars in the tropics!

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Review Date: 16th May, 2001