1990 Daihatsu Applause LX 1.6 from Belgium


I have a problem with cooling liquid coming inside the car under the feet of driver and front passenger. I presume that there must be a leak in the heater-block, as the cooling water level has to be checked every day.

Has someone got a clue how to get to that heater block just to control it, and almost certainly dismantle it for replacement?

I used a liquid to stop leaks in the cooling system, it helped mostly, but not completely, so I have to go on repairing. I don't want the engine to overheat in order to prevent more damage.

Regards, Patrick.

General Comments:

For the rest, it's a good car with (for its time) a lot off modern equipment. It's in fact affiliated with Toyota.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2011

1990 Daihatsu Applause Xi 1.6 Fuel Injected from Australia and New Zealand


Yes, Indeed I would buy another Applause, it is still great!


Bad oil leak traced to break in head gasket resulting in loosing lots of oil while driving, I did the job myself with the advice of Toyota Australia (who owns Daihatsu) I cannot express how much I thank one guy there, Josh, he helped me so much with technical advice and understood why I declined the dealership servicemen.

Josh, you are a "legend" man!

Had to replace all shock absorbers after traveling on Kangaroo Island (off the coast of South Australia) K.I. has some of the worst roads I have ever traveled upon in my 34 years of driving.

Driver's seat broke, I had to weld it up, however, since I am a huge guy, maybe my weight broke it, I expect it was designed for small light Japanese.

General Comments:

Folks, apart from the oil leak at 209,000kms and the damaged shocks at 179,000 kms, 10 years of trouble free motoring, without a doubt, the best car I have ever owned, 10 year without having to put a spanner to it! Now that is awesome. serviced almost 10,000 kms every time, oil filters at 5,000Kms and I added ROIL, a metal conditioner 6 years ago, it goes like a rocket, had to lower the revs several times as it freed up. It corners like it is on rails and you point it, it goes, brakes could be a bit better, or I should slow down. Maybe I slow down.

It travels quite well at 140-155 kph 170 with no effort, at 258,000km that awsesome! (when cops are not around) fuel economy about 11km/litre city driving and 12 on trips. I still own and do all my own servicing. I do not trust the dealers, I have been ripped off too many times by one very shady dealers, claiming dud injectors, how do I know this, I have the supposed injector running since mid 2002 and the new one packed away in a box. You really have to watch car servicing Dealerships, most are shady.

Anyhow, the car, an Auto, which I drive like a t-bar manual, goes well.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2003

8th May 2003, 07:59

I have the same car although a manual. Made a few modifications though, ripped out the air cleaner box and replaced with a KN air filter. Had extractors fitted which lead into a 2.5 inch sports exhaust. Tell you what would recommend it to anybody, my baby now can pull a jetski and you don't even know she is there. When not towing and on the open road I get 589Km to the tank, that is nearly 100Km more than she normally did. The whole thing cost me just over three hundred dollars money well spent. When you want to put your foot down she goes. Like you it has been a fantastic car and I have had no problems at all.