1982 Daihatsu Charade XG 1.0 petrol from Pakistan


An excellent low-budget 4 wheeler!


Suspensions often cause a problem.

Front Axle gives trouble due to bad road tracks.

General Comments:

On the whole this is an excellent low-budget car if you want to own a used vehicle.

Fuel Consumption is excellent. While running on petrol, my car gives approximately 12 kilometers per liter, while when running on LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) it gives 20 kilometers per kg very easily.

The body is tough and can survive minor accidents.

Availability of genuine parts is a problem as compared to other Daihatsu Charade models. Parts are a bit expensive as well.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 26th April, 2004

26th Apr 2004, 19:25

Charade is no doubt one of the best vehicles available in 1.0 category. However the G10 series is a bit difficult to afford as compared to G11. I would say that you should try newer models of Charade and experience the difference.

1st Oct 2004, 10:32

I've owned a 1979 Charade, bought brand new by my father, and then passed it on to my brother. It has been stolen while parked on a quiet street last year and we are still crying. She ran very well for her whole life, but had some overheating problems, even after that problem was "fixed". I'd buy another one, but now I own a Datsun 310 (another "oldie").