1984 Daihatsu Charade DeTomaso Turbo 1.0 petrol turbo from Australia and New Zealand


A lemon that makes you beg for more


Cracked oil feed to turbo causing blown turbo.

Two blown head gaskets, one causing a warped head.

Shredded fan belt causing one of the blown head gaskets.

Failed headlight switch assembly, with the replacement one on its way out as well.

Large quantity of rust along the bottom of the doors.

General Comments:

Now finally after sorting through all the problems it is going fine.

Ran high boost recently and it goes extremely hard for such a small engine.

Wouldn't trust it in a crash, you'd be lucky to keep your life hitting a truck.

Decent sporty looking exterior with body kit and rear spoiler, matched by an equally appealing interior.

Hard suspension has you bouncing out of your seat.

Handles very well when pushed hard, just don't come off the throttle mid corner at all.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2001

26th Apr 2003, 07:41

You ran high boost then complained about the reliability?

Did the car blow a head-gasket "after" you had the head and block mating surfaces machined? Oil feed lines are supposed to be replaced every 50,000kms for this car. Rust in doors is due to blocked drain holes, no rust on mine. It's a bit of an unfair review. But the safety aspect is true though.

29th Feb 2004, 14:10

It is a reliable car, i am from Malta with all roads destroyed nearly no asphalt left, but my charade is still running and in good condition.

25th Jan 2006, 11:22

I have read it! Bought an old Charade as my first car and spent months getting it ready for when I passed my test. Brilliant little thing, but it used to jump out of 5th gear once in a while which was worrying when overtaking!

All of this happened in the early 90's with a 1984 3 door 993cc Charade.

12th Nov 2007, 06:16

Hi I have an 1991 charade turbo. had it for 6 months the head gasket gone on.