1988 Daihatsu Charade CX 993 ulp from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent beginner's car


While driving there is a stink of fuel if I top it up at the bowser, but maybe it just needs a new fuel cap.

The rev counter plays up, and only works half the time.

The locks on the front doors don't work. The key turns, but the lock buttons don't go up or down.

The windscreen wiper water jets are blocked up, and the motor that pushes the water through is seized up with rust.

The driver's seat belt is fraying (on a small area).

General Comments:

These cars look good for their age, IMHO they won't look out of place on the roads in 20 year's time and seem to hold their value well.

Respectable performance for a non-turbo 1-litre automatic. Don't expect to go 0-100 Km/h in less than 10 seconds and you won't be disappointed.

Has very good economy (about 5 litres per 100Km's). Is cheap to maintain in almost every respect and parts are thankfully easy and fairly cheap to get too.

Comfortable inside for 4 adult passengers (leg room is a little limited in the back seat though). Still very good for a small car.

These cars don't seem to rust, ours is 15 years old as of writing and there is no considerable rust anywhere. I have hardly seen a badly rusted Daihatsu of any model anywhere (they seem to use better steel).

One gripe I have is that the back seat doesn't fold right down flat. You have to contend with the seat sticking up at an angle if you want to put something big in the back of the car.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2003

2nd Oct 2004, 21:30

Update on review...

I had the car fixed by a reputable mechanic and found out the cause of the fuel stink - there was a pinhole leak in the fuel line, right next to the distributer cap!

Just changed the timing belt on the Charade too. The car had done 207000 Km's so it was quite due.

24th Apr 2007, 16:25

I had the same problem with the front doors not wanting to open.

The cause was a screw moving, when it shouldn't have moved. I just put something in the hole the screw was in (which was of course inside the door) to make the screw stick in place and voila!

Hope this helps :)

1988 Daihatsu Charade crx 1.0 gas from North America


It's a good car if I could find another one id buy it


The only things that have went wrong with my car has been the fuel pump and I got a cv joint popping, but otherwise the car has been great.

General Comments:

The car is fun and I like it. Yes people say things about it, but I can beat most of them on gas mileage hey I'm only 16 what do you expect.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2003

1988 Daihatsu Charade CS 993 Non turbo from Pakistan


Charade Kicks ASS


Nothing is wrong with my car, cause i keep it uptodate and am a patient driver.

General Comments:

CHARADES are DAiHARD driven cars. They are for those people only who really know how to have fun with the machine properly.

Repair costs are nominal and parts aren't had to find.

Low cost, low budget solution for the one with the need for speed and control.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2003

1988 Daihatsu Charade CX 993cc from Australia and New Zealand


Standard performance


My Cam belt broke a couple of weeks after getting the car, resulting in 3 bent valves.

Bearings and rings needed to be replaced shortly after.

Clutch needed to be replaced, due to their size they wear out quickly, so you can't ride the clutch or you will be short pocketed about $500 Australian.

General Comments:

The car is pretty slow even when driving on your own.

Carpet in front is poorly installed and not designed to last.

The handling is fantastic after some bigger tires were installed, bit to much body sway, but not serious.

Being such a small car going sideways is pretty interesting, and has got good response.

Although no power steering, the steering I found easier than a power steering vehicle.

One tank of petrol lasts me 4 weeks around town driving, but repair bill is through the roof.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2002

7th Feb 2007, 21:46

PBR clutches were around $150 and easy to install for the home mechanic. You should never ride any clutch so it seems poor driving technique was to blame for that wearing out.

Timing belts on Charades are to be replaced at every 100,000kms without fail I replace at 90,000km to be safe, it is an interference engine like so many cars so if the belt breaks it will bend your valves.

The carpet is a bit thin, but it's a cheap car and replacement carpet is available quite cheaply.

Performance from a 3cylinder 1 litre is never going to be blistering, however higher octane petrol and a few other tweaks make them more responsive.

From the sound of things you do give it a bit of a thrashing. Sideways?

1988 Daihatsu Charade GTXX 1.0 twin cam 12v efi turbo from Pakistan


Replacement of the turbo required.

Replacement of the front shocks.

Replaced the old head of the engine with a new one, complete and nothing else.

We have these cars as a very rare cars in Karachi and whenever I take it on the road people like to watch the way it goes out of the sight in few seconds. I have taken out the muffler so the noise is enormous, but in the end I never dream dream of having another car.

General Comments:

The best budget car money can buy.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2000

1988 Daihatsu Charade GTI 1.0 (993c) from Singapore


High performance, very fast

General Comments:

The fastest car below 1 litre available in Singapore (Turbo 1 bar).

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2000

1988 Daihatsu Charade CL 1.3 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


The only problem was the fuel pump which I replaced but that was it's original and was only giving out a poor output, it didn't actually stop.

General Comments:

It being a fairly unknown and not widely seen car it has been incredibly reliable and is very nippy.The best overall car we've ever had!

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Review Date: 19th October, 1997