1991 Daihatsu Charade SE 1.0 CB 90 from North America


The best car money can buy


This car has been wrecked, and the alternator is going bad. Other than that, it is a champ!

General Comments:

I would recommend this car to anyone, as it has been the most reliable car I have ever owned.

Only one major breakdown, due to the ORIGINAL clutch finally giving out, and it is a racer at heart.

This car has an official top speed of 110 MPH, but I have been clocked at 125.5 MPH, and have the ticket to prove it, LOL.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2008

1991 Daihatsu Charade 1.3 from North America


A inexpensive fuel efficient car


The seats in the car have started to wear down very quickly.

The engine burns a little oil.

The paint has chipped off the hood and on the roof.

Back hatch has leaked in the past, but is now holding well.

General Comments:

This car is incredibly easy to shift.

The clutch has been in for well over 20,000 miles and is still going good.

The gas effiecency is awesome for this car, I am getting 35 miles to the gallon.

It has a bunch of extra room even though it is such a small car.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2004

1991 Daihatsu Charade SG Small from Australia and New Zealand


Not as reliable as you think. Not safe


Daihatsu's are meant to be reliable yet this one required a major engine rebuild before 100K (crankshaft).

Broke down in the middle of the road on more than a few occasions.

General Comments:


1. Very economical (runs on the smell of an oil rag)

2. Surprisingly roomy for little car

3. Service costs reasonable (until something goes wrong)

4. Cheap to buy (new and used)

5. Easy to drive - good first car? See Negative 3 below.)

6. Cheap to insure.


1. Not so reliable as many people think (unless perhaps a little (very) old lady drives it and it is properly serviced)

2. Come to think about it, dealer probably didn't service it properly even though hard earned cash forked over.

3. Hate to think what it would be like in accident.

4. Does not live up to Japanese quality reputation. Interior and exterior very flimsy. Paint faded very quickly.

5. Very spartan appointments.

6. Struggles on hills. Don't try to overtake anything.

7. Easy to steal.

8. Even for those on a budget there must be better cars. Or spend a little bit more on a Toyota or Mazda.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2003

20th Apr 2009, 20:18

I am very surprised at these comments. My Sg was used as driving school car from new, club level motor sport, towing, interstate work etc etc. Even approaching 400,000k's it would still pull 130kph in 3rd gear.

I got 203,000ks out of the first clutch, and was impressed with fit and finish of the car. Gave many members of the Porsche club a run for their money in motorkhanas.

In short, a brilliant car and am looking for another one.

1991 Daihatsu Charade Mizuno sport 1.0 from Australia and New Zealand


I'd own another like it any day


Needed to replace right hand side CV joint when I purchased the car... radiator replaced at about 140,000...head gasket currently on it's way out.

General Comments:

It's a very reliable car and goes extremely well for a 3 cylinder. Very cheap to run and I guess just a handy little car with hardly no problems.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2003

1991 Daihatsu Charade G100 CS 1.0 3 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Value for money, proven reliability


Nothing has gone wrong with this car in the 7 years that I have owned it.

Only maintenance items, e. g battery, brake pads etc.

General Comments:

These little cars are truly amazing.

(My brother has a 95 model G200 with 265000 kilometres on the original 3cyl engine and it doesn't use oil or blow smoke).

The car drives as well as the day I bought it and is virtually 'bulletproof'

I don't won't to get rid of it, and if I do I will definitely go for another Diahatsu - probably a Sirion.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2003

1991 Daihatsu Charade SG 1.3 16v from Indonesia


A very economic car


Over 100.000 km, the air conditioner must be repaired. It not cool like usually. The problem is the fan for condenser is not running well. The contact point is no longer working. So you had to change with the electric ignition.

General Comments:

This car is very reliable after changing the electric ignition. I use it go from Bandung to Jakarta every week and I have no serious problems.

And the consumption of gas is still good, for out of town can be 15 km per 1 liter with the 88 octane.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2003

27th Jul 2008, 10:16


I'm having trouble moving from points to electronic ignition. How do I do that? I'm still looking for parts to buy.