1995 Daihatsu Cuore 850cc gasoline from Costa Rica


Good, cheap, and loud


Clutch renewed at 111.000 Km.

Front drive axles and gears at 148.000 Km.

General Comments:

Bought it used from a Swiss lady – almost like getting a car from the priest, right? - with 111.000 Kilometers on it.

Exchanged the clutch and the shocks immediately after buying it – Costa Rica’s roads are very poor with lots of potholes, bumps, etc..

The car was very reliable and did not let me down once in whatever kind of weather.

The Pros:

· Very fuel-efficient. Ran it at an overall average of 6,52l / 100Km (36.10 mpg) mostly in stop & go city traffic. On the open road it would get down to 5,70l / 100Km.

· Good engine response, even for a 850cc three-cylinder sawing machine.

· Good visibility, even for a small and relatively low car.

· Excellent brakes.

· Very good body finish. It did not have one speck of rust, even in this tropical climate.

· It paid less road tax than for my 750cc Yamaha Virago motorbike.

The Cons:

· Loud! (I am a retired sound recordist).

· No 5th gear.

· Spare parts horribly expensive.

· God forbid having a frontal crash with it.

I eventually sold the car with 148.000 Km on it due to arising problems with the front drive chain, and “lost” just a thousand Dollars after three years of fun and reliability.

I am getting a 2003 Cuore in the next few days, and we’ll see how that one turns out.

Saludos from Costa Rica!

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Review Date: 1st June, 2005

1995 Daihatsu Cuore Base 0.65 from UK and Ireland


Good value for money, great perfomance!


Nothing at all major.

Adjustment to the clutch cable was needed in 1998.

Not bad considering the age of the car.

Overall very reliable.

General Comments:

Build quality is fairly good considering the price of the car. However there were a few annoying rattles.

All things considered this is a very good car especially for those on a budget. Very reliable car, good value for money.

Surprisingly good performance for a 650cc three cylinder engine.

Outpaces the Ford Ka which has 1300cc!

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Review Date: 29th October, 2000

1995 Daihatsu Cuore 0.85 from Jamaica


Good car on a tight budget


Changed outer CV joints and clutch.

The fuel pump also gave in and caused the car to smoke like hell as the gas was mixing with engine oil before entering the carburettor.

General Comments:

Hard working car. Very willing to take anything you can throw at it. I'll have some good tales to tell my grandchildren about this car.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2000