2006 Daihatsu Cuore CX CNG 0.8 from Pakistan


Reliability is questionable


Clutch plate and pressure plate replaced at 30,000 Kilometers.

Passenger door doesn't open from the inside.

Door locks are flimsy, and if they are not seated properly, the door won't open from the outside.

Engine gasket starts to leak, and the engine oil is dripping on exhaust pipe, which made the cabin smell like burnt oil.

Sometimes the engine dies at idling, and keeps on doing it as if the car has garbage in the fuel lines.

A/C not blowing cold.

General Comments:

Drives nice for its size.

Comfortable for its class, but the seats are not good for the long haul.

Wipers are squeaky, and have no settings that are reasonable.

Better build quality than a Suzuki.

Legroom is tight, but it's a tiny teeny car.

Car doesn't have adequate power in 3rd gear sometimes.

Repair cost is cheap.

Ride quality is not bad for its size.

Manual gear box could use some refinement.

A very basic car, and I have serious doubts about its reliability after the issues I can see at only 30K KM on Odo.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2012

22nd Apr 2012, 04:44

Update: I took it to the mechanic after noticing strong petrol smell coming inside the cabin, and we noticed that the petrol and CNG are mixing, and gas is dripping on the body of the engine. He replaced the relay that is connected to the switch that swaps the system between CNG and petrol. Still the problem persisted, so we are now replacing the vacuum pump. The problem with after it has been driven for half hour and turned off, then turned back on and the engine stalling repeatedly, is still there. Will take it to the dealer to diagnose it.

2006 Daihatsu Cuore from Pakistan


Hi Guyz! I have a 2006 Cuore, cx. It's a nice car. I want to upgrade it. For example:

1) Rims and Tyres.

2) Suspension

3) Exhaust System

4) High performance clutch

5) Engine Modifications which are available.

Can anyone guide me from where can I find it in Karachi?

General Comments:

It's a nice compact car.

While shifting the second gear to third gear, the pickup is not good, it seems like engine lacks power.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2006

15th Oct 2006, 10:34

Hey, you are expected to post reviews on this site and not ask for help only. Write about reliability, fuel economy, maintenance, etc.

30th Jan 2007, 01:43


I have a Coure CX 2006 model. The car is really nice and has a very good acceleration as compared to its other 800cc or even 1000cc rivals. But the only problem I think with the car is that it has a very stiff suspension.


30th Jan 2007, 01:51

Diahatsu has never the less compromised on raw power but the ride is not smooth. It is quite bumpy and can end you up with a messed up stomach

23rd Mar 2007, 02:17

No Way, it is very good, nice to ride, smoothly driving, extremely silent, very economy in fuel, the best choice for small towns and the traffic town, and over all every where you can find parking for it :)

8th Mar 2010, 03:33

I like my Charade as these are called here in NZ. It's really economical (I'm getting less than 4l/100km when I hypermile, has power steer and A/C, quiet and comfy with tons of room in the back for kids. I like the charcoal coloured interior a lot compared to other manufacturer's designs. Try throwing it into a corner and you see the flaw.

And that's all really, too narrow to handle well, with much high roof weight. I'm looking into an alloy rim with a larger offset and changing from 155 to 165 tyres. This would mitigate most of the only real fault.

22nd Apr 2012, 04:53

Why would someone put performance parts in a car that is incapable of offering any performance?

We are talking about a 699cc engine.

On the other hand, if you want to look cool, maybe window tints, better stereo and speakers, fog lights, DRL or HID's and alloys would do the trick.