1991 Daihatsu Feroza EL 1.6 EFI from Australia and New Zealand


Everyone looks at you when you're cruising down to the beach with the top off!!!


I ran out of petrol and it couldn't start because rubbish had got into the pump.

General Comments:

Very good 4X4. It is so light you don't even need to release the tyre pressure when four wheel driving on sand.

Breaking is not very good at all.

The clearance looks low, but has not bottomed out ever.

Pretty comfortable in the cabin.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2004

1991 Daihatsu Feroza ELF 1.6 petrol from Vietnam


Reliable little 4WD


Gas smells when the windows are turned down. Not sure why.

Air bubbles intrude into the water cooler, forcing the water out that causes overheating. The problem was fixed at a service shop.

General Comments:

A small, but eager all-terrain goer.

Takes you almost any where you want to go.

Rear view in mirrors is poor. Improved by adding a larger view field mirror on each side.

Noisy dampers.

Noisy when traveling above 80km/h. Turn your stereo up loud to cope with it.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2003

4th Dec 2005, 05:14

A very short statement, but I do agree in all parts...

1991 Daihatsu Feroza EL II 1.6 from Belgium


The perfect small off-road car!


I had a split in the radiator.

General Comments:

Although I had a broken radiator I drove with it to Italy (from Belgium) and back without any problems!

For a car of its age it keeps going really well!I know people with larger jeeps which aren't that old and have a lot more trouble!

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Review Date: 16th January, 2003

1991 Daihatsu Feroza EL-II 1.6 from Greece


Simply the best


Changed the clutch twice. My fault, very hard off-road use.

General Comments:

Fantastic "small" off-road car. The best in his category. It is really sad that did not continue the production and replaced it with Terios.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2002

11th Jan 2004, 00:25

I have had my Feroza (ex japan, Rocky) since 29,500kms (?) 1998 (94model).Now done 130.000 with no problems. My only complaint is that it has been discontinued. This vehicle is ideal as my preferred transport and night shooting on the farm, on account of the removable roof and factory-fitted roll-bar.Nothing else comes close.

1991 Daihatsu Feroza EL II 1.6 Gasoline from Honduras


An excellent mini 4x4 ruined by a terrible dealer service


I've had lots of electrical problems with the alternator and the power window switches.

The clutch was replaced, but I consider it normal after 120,000 km.

Several suspension and steering components were replaced at 150,000 km, but I also consider this normal maintenance, especially with lots of off-road driving.

Lots of rattles from the removable hard top.

General Comments:

Outstanding reliablity, but the dealer is a nightmare. It has absolutely no spare parts, I've had to buy replacement parts through friends who live in neighboring countries.

It's a small car, so space is very limited.

This car is not supposed to be a hard-core 4x4, so don't expect Nissan Patrol or Toyota Land Cruiser off road abilities. It lacks torque for serious rock crawling and hill climbing. Suspension travel is also very limited. Approach, ventral and departure angles are very good.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2002

1991 Daihatsu Feroza F300 series 1.6 litre from Australia and New Zealand


The Feroza is a tough little work horse four wheel drive


The water pump blew at 122,000 kilometers, apparently a very rare thing for the Feroza water pump.

General Comments:

The Feroza is a excellent off-road car and the torque at low range is quite substantial.

I have installed a set of extractors and this really improves the engine's power and fuel economy.

I found the cabin to be roomy and well laid out and comments from the back seats are always about how roomy it is in the back.

The engine has caused no troubles except for the water pump, it has been really low maintenance.

The Feroza is quite a capable towing vehicle, I frequently tow my 15 foot ski boat and have had no trouble and only needing the four wheel drive on one occasion.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2002

20th May 2004, 23:40

Hi! my feroza consumes a lot of fuel probably because of the big tires. what are these extractors you are saying and where can I get them? maybe you could recommend me a good brand. thanks!

3rd Apr 2007, 16:51

Hi. I’m looking at buying a 1993 Feroza, but am worried about the amount of fuel one might consume. I love most things about the Feroza its just the fuel consumption of a four wheel drive that may be concerning. Any tips?

1991 Daihatsu Feroza DX 1.6 from Malta


It is a superb car which looks great and is solid like a rock


In two hundred thousand kilometers, just one clutch and one set of brake pads!

General Comments:

A good priced and extremely reliable car, which handles well with wider tyres.

The Feroza is very strongly built and performance-wise, competes very well with the larger 4WD, in fact is as fast as most of the large engined ones!

I once took my standard Feroza through 1m of water, and it kept going even with 2 pistons compressing water! No con-rod damage etc.

I will reposition the air-filter next time though!

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Review Date: 9th January, 2002