1997 Daihatsu Feroza 1.6 4x4 from Spain


Reliability personified!


I have 2 of these 4x4 vehicles; the Feroza in Spain is probably one of the best! Purchased just 2 years ago, it has only now clocked-up 26,000 kilometers!!!

The one in the UK (my 2nd Sportrak), purchased in June this year, has over 100,000 miles and goes equally as well!

I am getting on (a bit), but I/we do not find these cars uncomfortable as long as you are not too heavy-handed with them.

The 1.6 engine provides adequate performance & economy, as well as considerable reliability.

It is a great pity that Toyota (Daihatsu's major shareholder) has put a stop to UK & EU importing any other Daihatsu.

Toyota should recognize that without Daihatsu bringing the FIRST Japanese motor here, "things" may be different even for them!!!

General Comments:

Great 4x4.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2013

1997 Daihatsu Feroza SX 11 1.6 EFI from Australia and New Zealand


A great little 4WD


There are a couple of common Feroza problems that my car has had such as:

Rattle on the front disc brakes, caused by a clip missing; annoying more than serious.

Exhaust whistle. Caused by partial blockage in exhaust. Some people hit the muffler or catalytic converter with a hammer to get rid of this.

The only other problem I have is the oil dip stick tube broke.

General Comments:

With the front torsion bars raised and the rear leaf springs replaced to give a 2.5" lift, the back skips around corners a bit when unloaded. Also, the ride is harsher then with standard springs.

The Japanese version had a transfer case bash plate while the Australian version didn't. You can easily add this for more protection when bush bashing.

http://warfs.org is a email list for owners of Ferozas for modifications, repair and general advise about these trucks. Very handy if you own or plan to buy one.

While stock it was a little bit low, so it benefits from a suspension lift job if going 4wding.

It has served us well on numerous long trips and 4wd trips. Goes anywhere, mud, rock, dirt and sand.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2002

17th Oct 2008, 01:35

I am currently contemplation on buying a 3rd hand feroza, 1998 model with 165.000 Km. Does anybody know what is the life span of that model's motor? Thanx. Anthony from Hellas-Greece.