1992 Daihatsu Mira J 0.7L from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable and cheap


Timing belt replaced at 125,000km.

New Muffler at 144,000km.

Rear vision mirror fell out of the roof once, straight forward fix.

Red paint faded, but it had no garaging nor a carport.

General Comments:

This was a very reliable car right up until it was written off (it got sandwiched between two other cars in an accident).

The clutch would have required an adjustment if it was still around, it would have cost approx AU$750 as the entire engine would have to be removed to get to the clutch.

The car didn't hold up well in the accident and it was stationary, if travelling at speed I'd hate to think what would have happened.

It was VERY cheap on fuel and could park anywhere, I miss my Mira!

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Review Date: 30th December, 2006

1990 Daihatsu Mira J 4WD 650cc gas from Japan


A fun, practical car for very little money


One drive shaft and one front wheel bearing was replaced at 68,000kms.

The heater core stopped working at 68,000kms.

General Comments:

I purchased this car in Nagano, Japan.

In Japan, this car sells as a "yellow plate". This is a category for vehicles with engine sizes of 650cc or less. Yellow plated cars are subject to lower registration charges and insurance costs. Because of this, owning this car in Japan has been considerably less expensive than owning my Jetta when I lived in Canada.

The car is great on gas, usually averaging 4 litres per 100kms. The driving I do is usually over large mountains, up winding roads, and I am not afraid to give the engine plenty of revs, so I feel the fuel economy is impressive.

The car is also very practical, considering its small size. Four adults can comfortably fit, and the rear seats fold down to allow a large cargo area.

For such a small, simple form of transport, I find the car surprisingly comfortable. I have made many trips lasting 2 hours or more, and have not had reason to complain about the comfort.

I am most surprised by what a wonderfully enjoyable car this is to drive. The small size of the vehicle allows for spirited driving on the narrow twisty roads here in Nagano-ken. The engine sounds gruff, but provides sufficient pep to move the light car along quickly.

Handling is predictable, and the vehicle will under-steer when pressed.

In the winter time, selecting 4WD has allowed the car to traverse the worst snow conditions here with ease. Selecting 4WD does reduce performance a little. 4WD is selected by depressing a button on top of the shifter.

The interior of the car has stood up very well. The materials used for the interior do not show noticeable signs of wear. I particularly like the small 3 spoke steering wheel, which is simple and sporty.

This is the easiest car to park I have ever driven. This is due to excellent visibility and the cars small size.

I do have a few minor annoyances with the car.

There is no tachometer in our Mira.

There is a small compartment on top of the dash with an inexpensive plastic lid. This lid rattled. I solved the problem with a little foam taped along the edge.

The cup holders are rather shallow and ineffective at holding a beverage.

Engine and road noise are as you would expect on a car in this class, at this age. However, it is not unreasonable, and does not interfere with conversations.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2005

2000 Daihatsu Mira 1.0 from Egypt


A city car with good performance


My brake pads was changed at 50000.

The engine temperature got hot when I exceed 100 km per hour.

The air condition don't work when the engine temperature is hot.

General Comments:

Well do you need a car doesn't cost you money when you go to gas station then get it.

Good handling.

Good performance.

If you were fat please don't buy it the cabin is so tide, but seats is comfortable.

U can't find the spare parts easily.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2004

26th Jan 2006, 16:57

To be a "bigger" person is not the problem as long only one person is seated in the front or back (I myself: 1,88 m 110 kg). Travelling with a friend of mine, same size as myself, our shoulders are in touch quite often.