1997 Daihatsu Move Latte Move CLA AUTO 850cc from Australia and New Zealand


Front left wheel bearing needed tightening. $50.

A/C needed re-gassing $50.

Back seats stitching is falling to bits.

General Comments:

Great wee car.

A couple of years ago, I saw people driving cars like these, and thought they looked ridiculous, and swore not to own one.

I purchased a Move for the use of a paper run car to do work in, I carried around 150-200 kg's of papers in the boot with the back seat folded down. The car surely does lack power, but will drive up any hill with any load... Just slowly.

When I purchased the car, I had the auto fluid changed and serviced it myself. It has never given me problems, and believe it or not, it is built like a brick **** house. The panels are light and easy to dent, and the paint work will chip with a feather landing on it. Whenever there is a chip in the paintwork, make sure you paint over it, as they rust in literally days, and it will look nasty.

The car will carry four people comfortably; it's slightly narrow, but has amazing leg room and head height.

I came from a 3.2 V6 VTEC to a 3 cylinder 850, and that was a huge difference, but now I would not go back with the amount of money I am saving, and yes you do sacrifice highway speeds, as you can't do 100kmph with four people and luggage with the A/C going; it will only then do 80kmph, but racing an Impreza at the traffic lights is priceless. Keeps up until you hit 40kmph!

Would definitely have another with its quirky looks. It has the nick name Kambrook.. as in a toaster on wheels.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2012

1998 Daihatsu Move Latte from Argentina


Cheap, reliable deathtrap


Car lost compression after about 180.000 kms.

Doors felt delicate, and a general feeling of lack of safety aboard was evident.

General Comments:

It's a cute car, but I wouldn't own one. It's neither safe nor visually pleasing (it reminds me of something built out of Lego), but it gets you from point A to point B without trouble.

Roomy inside, but uncomfortably narrow.

Has little or no suspension, and engine lacks power. Would make great first car, but not to drive on the highway.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2010

11th Jul 2012, 06:51

I agree, these cars are very small and do wear out fast, as they rev high on a motorway, but they are so cheap to rebuild, as they are easy to work on and there's less to replace.

What you save on fuel in a year, you could buy another for!

Travelling with four people around town is OK, but on the motorway it is not; you will always be on the side, waiting to get passed. 80kmph is all you will get with 4 people and luggage on the flat! And hills are worse! These cars will do 120kmph roughly flat out, depending on head winds! (850cc)