1989 Daihatsu Rocky DX diesel LWB 2.8 turbo diesel Intercooler from Netherlands


My best buddy on and off road!!


This car was standing in a garage for over 11 years, and that caused several problems;

Rust in tank: after cleaning the tank and replacing some filters the car runs over 90Km/h again.

Coolant leakage: new cylinder-head and gasket, but not the desired result.

Total engine breakdown in 2003.

Now it's over.

I found by a official Daihatsu-Dealer a used 2.8 liter diesel-engine with water-cooled turbocharger and inter cooler and had to fit it in my Rocky. The original engine was an ordinary 2.8 diesel. After modification some parts (exhaust, radiator etc.) the new engine runs well and without problems.

General Comments:

After an extended vacation to Norway, I found out the best things of this car!

The engine starts very good, also at -15 degrees C.

Fuel consumption is alright.

The car is very powerful, the gearbox-ratio was designed for the less powerful engine, only the max speed is not that fast, but we're not driving a Ferrari...

Everything in and on the car works!

No electronic breakdowns etc.

Enter the car, start it and drive along!

Very important: you NEED to change the oil and service the car every 5,000 km.

Then it will run forever.

On road and Off road.

I like this car, but forget the seats..

You can upgrade the comfort of suspension by mounting Michelin tires and inflate them correct { 1,4 - 1,6 bar}

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Review Date: 5th May, 2005