2003 Daihatsu Sirion GS 1.3 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Yes. Do it. You won't regret it


Nothing yet!

General Comments:

I've had many cars in my lifetime. 16v Golf GTi, Subaru Leone, Honda Civic, VW Polo, Daihatsu Mira, Toyota Starlet... but this car: WOW! I've never had something so light and cheap feel so fast and good! It feels like it goes super quick, it has very high equipment levels, and above all that it's the most economical car of its age with an engine that redlines the other side of 7000 RPM!

Exciting as my Golf GTi, behaves like our Toyota, drinks like none of the above, and is bigger than a Suzuki Swift Sport inside...

Looks... er... cute. Ours is known as the blue bush-pig. It's small but snorts and roars all the way to the speed limit... and beyond. I would not have guessed at that kind of show and performance from a granny car!

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Review Date: 18th September, 2014

2003 Daihatsu Sirion Rally 2 1.3 Twin cam from UK and Ireland


Underrated and undervalued


Brake pads seem to wear out more frequently than I have been previously used to with other models of car.

However this maybe due to the spirited style of driving that the vehicle encourages.

General Comments:

For a naturally aspirated 1300cc engine the car is extremely quick. 0-60 in 7.8 seconds is reminiscent of the old Charade Gtti.

The engine feels indestructible and screams right up to the red line at about 7500 rpm.

It is neither quiet on the motorway at speed or when accelerating through the gears. However the manic booming nature of the engine makes the car involving and responsive.

Such performance does not come at the expense of economy. Even when pushed it will return around 40 miles per gallon.

Whilst insurance costs are particularly high for such a small car (group 10 insurance) -there are unlikely to be any major repair bills as Daihatsu have a superb reliability record.

The car has unusual styling that allways attracts looks. The alloys are also attention grabbers.

The vehicle is fantastically equiped with everything as standard.

It may be slightly cramped inside and retro looking, but it has been a bargain second hand purchase that has never failed me.

The vehicle is so unique that I have not seen another Rally 2 for over 10 months now. Exclusivity, reliability and performance without breaking the bank.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2005

30th Mar 2006, 16:56

I agree to the comments fully, what a great car! I've had mine nearly 3 years now, I never bore of wiping the grin off boy racers at the lights. I too have never had a fault with the car, although the gear box can get a bit notchy. Same 0 to 60 as the latest MR2 can't be bad for a fraction of the price! :)

21st Jul 2007, 10:54

I've just reached 5 years from new in my Sirion Rally II, and I've loved every mile of it. For me it harks back to the simpler cars of the seventies & eighties, but without their maintenance costs. Sure, these days it would be slated for hard plastics, noisy engine and road roar, but that is what you get from a simple, light body and a peppy engine.

I changed the Continental Eco tyres to some Kuho ones and that reduced the road roar at most speeds, but at the cost of some steering feedback. On the other hand, the Kumhos seem to hang on well in bends and are not prone to slipping in the wet.

Yes the pads do wear, and replacements weren't cheap. My second set came up for renewal at about 47k miles. But they're easy to change yourself, which reduces the bill when the time comes.

I like it so much that I've just bought another Rally II, half the age of the other!