30th May 2007, 14:41


I have a new Sirion 1300 automatic. It has a front wheel disc - brake scuffing sound at low speeds (forward and reverse) on the drivers side.

That is, when you start to drive off and touch the brake a scuffing sound is heard, as though the disc was scuffing against the rotor (?)

It is not noticeable at faster speed braking - but this may be because of road noises (traffic etc,).

Any advice will be appreciated.


15th Jun 2007, 05:26

Re: Issue with noise from front disc.

It is possible to get a small stone between the disc pad and the brake disc surface. Suggest you apply brakes slightly and drive forwards slowly then in reverse this some time dislodges the stone. If this does not work pop into your local garage; it will not take long to sort out.

I personally have not experienced any problems similar to you - the car has now done 30,000k.

I’m still very pleased with my car and have done a second trip of 1500k. The car went very well and I suffered no fatigue at all. The car performed very well although we were loaded up with a lot of luggage.

I highly recommend this car.

Chris J C.

7th Dec 2007, 15:29

I have one of these as a work car.

Have to say that coming from a performance background, they're pretty good for what they are.

Only problem I've noticed is that the front discs have a tendency to warp. I've confirmed this with the service manager of my local Toyota dealer.

In low speed (Sub 100kph) areas with winding roads, it's a great handler for something with 175 tyres all round. It looks more top heavy than it is. You can still feel a lot of body roll, but it gets to a certain point (Without the springs being bound or hitting bump stops) where the suspension just seems to stiffen right up.

In high speed areas (Over 110kph), you have to be very weary. Cornering at high speed feels very unbalanced and slight bumps in the road transfers to a huge shifting of weight sensation which is very unnerving. It felt as if it were going to tip before it would loose traction and under/oversteer.

For a 1.3 litre, it's quite gutsy. Being that the car is quite light, it manages to have an apparent torque because of it. Throttle control is needed to get the maximum performance out of the little thing though. You definitely notice the difference between easing the throttle on through the rev range and just going wide open.

Weight is something that you definitely notice. Put another person in the car, and its like you've got a 1 litre engine. Even 20Kg's can make a difference. Not only in power to weight ratio, but in handling.

Another bit of a downer on the experience is taking off from the line. Its quite easy to give the wheels a bit of a spin off the line. On a hill start, its even more difficult. You COULD slip the clutch, but the amount you need slip puts a cringe on your face.

And in the wet... Well, I'm sure you can imagine from what I've said.

My fuel economy isn't too bad, I typically get 400km to a tank, however I am known to be a bit tough on cars. I'm sure this is still pretty good, my driving style taken into consideration.

The interior is large and deceiving. Much larger than it looks on the outside. The boot space leaves something to be desired however.

On the topic of the exterior. It is a face that not even a mother could love. In short, it's ugly. There are factory kits with side skirts and the like, which do pretty it up somewhat, but in the end, its still mutton dressed up as lamb.

All in all, I think this car is one deceiving little package. It has the persona of being a car a granny would drive to go get 'chow' for little mittens and the 8 other cats she has, but it's also has one that you could take to the markets for her. And have a lot of fun which barely stays in the boundaries of being legal while you're at it.

3rd May 2008, 19:02

Good Day. I wrote the original article. My car has now done 50,000ks and is still going like a sewing machine.

- Re- rubbing sound on front brakes – My car has developed the same problem?? I asked Toyota to have a look while doing my last service. They reported they stripped the calipers and checked the pads, disc, and attachments to car and found all OK? I’m still experiencing a problem but it’s not a major! I will get them to check at next service. I wonder if it is a design problem. You should not I’m not a high-speed driver and or a hard braker.

- re driving in heat no problem as we get temps in range of 28 to 35 degs C here in New Zealand.

- re Overall performance and satisfaction of car it’s just great! Smooth ride economical, useful (when I moved some household effects) and best of all it looks great!!

- I’m seriously considering getting another Daihatsu Materia as a second car for my partner and she can get rid of her obsolete Fiat Punto.

- I would definitely buy another one, maybe the 1500cc version that’s now on market now.

31st May 2009, 18:31

I wrote the original comment on my Sirion GS ---- well it's done 80k ks now and still love the car!!! I'm going to sell it and buy a new one because it been such a great car. I've been down to Toyota, but due to the NZ dollar going down over the last few months, the cost of a new one in NZ$ is now $25500 plus on road cost of $750, so a big increase on $22,000!!!

I'm wondering if Toyota NZ are going to drop the brand and push their Yaris as they have done in Oz. If so it will be a great loss as I feel it's the best small car range built by Toyota!!! I'm sure the big marketing manager in Oz thinks they can muck with our market in NZ. Who knows?

Well I wish all the best to any one buying one, it's been good for me.

PS I just had the 75000K service. The only extra was new front disc pads fitted at cost of $175. The all up bill came to $550 inc GST. I thought it a bit steep??? But you may not??

PS PS I replaced 4 tires at 75000ks, which I thought was very good at a cost of $400.

7th Dec 2009, 19:04

How does Sirion suspension takes the bumps and holes on the road? My town roads are quite neglected.

10th Dec 2009, 15:15

It's fairly softly sprung for a city car, so not too bad.