Sportrak Limited Anjou 1.6i petrol

Still reliable and excellent value for money

321 words, France


Sportrak ELXi Limited 1.6 petrol

Super little truck!

306 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments


Sportrak elxi 1.6

Superb introduction to 4x4 motoring

347 words, UK and Ireland


Sportrak ELXi 1.6 petrol

Small, strong work horse with plenty of fun it in

111 words, UK and Ireland

Sportrak ELXI 1.6 petrol

A well-built compact 4WD with comfort

120 words, UK and Ireland

Sportrak ELXI 1.6

Fun machine

47 words, UK and Ireland, 5 comments


Sportrak ELXi 1.6 Injection

Fun and hardworking 4x4

103 words, UK and Ireland

Sportrak ELI 1.6 petrol iNJECTION

An excellent, strong and very reliable 4x4

184 words, France


Sportrak EL 1.6

Loads of fun for little money

135 words, UK and Ireland