2002 Daihatsu Terios DX 1.3 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


It's all the car any sane person would ever need, brilliant!


Cabin light switch-button in driver's door.

Replaced clutch.

Replaced brake pads.

Replaced suspension bushes and one engine mount.

General Comments:

Simply superb in doing everything it is supposed to do.

Fantastic tightness in the chassis and suspension.

Brilliant all-rounder for touring.

Economical, fuss-free, ultra reliable.

Very good, nimble and light handling.

10-12 cents per km on 98 Octane, can't improve on that!

22 hours straight, Melbourne to Brisbane, piece of cake.

It is a FUN vehicle.

It is incredibly capable and well made (to last).

Powerful enough for 100, 110, and 120kph on the highway.

Great for shopping, camping, urban, off-road (beach) and highways.

Great heater and aircon.

100% x 5 utilitarian - useful as well as cute.

Easy to find ANY parts, but won't require many.

Possibly the BEST car ever created, all things considered.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2012

2002 Daihatsu Terios from Australia and New Zealand


Do it ALL in one small reliable package


NOTHING, except replaced a clutch.

General Comments:

I expect this Terios to go at least till 400,000km without any drama at all. It is 100% reliable for everything it is intended to be used for.

It is AWD in a small and extremely economical package. I get 10-12c per km using 98 Octane fuel from the 1300cc 4 cylinder engine. A used vehicle in original condition that is unmodified, is the way to go.

For urban shopping and general use, it is extremely easy to drive and park. Adverse conditions such as mud and snow is when this vehicle comes into its ZONE such as during fishing/canoe outings. Normally, even for beach work, the central diff-lock is almost never needed. On the highway, 110kph is easily and comfortably sustained.

Seats are OK if unglamourous and basic for this type of vehicle. Clutch and GB very (Toyota) smooth, robust and light. Brakes are more than adequate.

It is not a diehard 4WD, but as an AWD light runabout with great agility and nimble handling, it's all the car you'll ever need at any price! These days when down-sizing is the smart way to go, this little car is a genius waiting to be discovered.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2012

29th Oct 2012, 21:03

Having just reviewed my comments made earlier, I should also add that my previous cars include the S-Class V8, and Wagon (TC) 3.0 straight six. Leather seats aside, I would rather travel in the Terios than ANY luxury car these days. The overall Terios package is THAT impressive, that is, unless you MUST HAVE 5.0 to 6.0 litres of fuel guzzling prestige to go with your image.

2002 Daihatsu Terios from Japan


One of the Best imported car in Colombia


The air condition window broke its-self.

General Comments:

This car is really comfortable in the city and out-road. The maintenance service is expensive, and the dealer warranty service is not good., also.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2004

2002 Daihatsu Terios SX 1.3 VVTI from Australia and New Zealand


Value for Money


Seat material seem to be wearing due to general rubbing. very poor dealership in Australia NSW. Even though Daihatsu is owned by Toyota Corporation the Dealer I am dealing with is Mitsubishi Parramatta very unsatisfactory.

General Comments:

Very Satisfied with the performance. Sound system excellent. Very good off road performer even though this is not recognised. Good ground clearence. Very responsive. Needs power windows at back and driving lights to lift the image a bit. Silver wheel cover is a must. Overall very happy with Terios and wish we can get a better dealership.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2002