1981 Datsun 100A 1.0 gasoline from Egypt




Clutch and rust.

General Comments:

Rusty and bland looking, but has great performance for its age and price. It has more room than European competitors of its age, and a legendary engine that cannot be killed. Parts are hard to find and are super expensive.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2017

1975 Datsun 100A Estate 998cc from UK and Ireland


Cheap runaround, but watch the rust and cooling system


Buying a car of this age is often a gamble, this particular car needed work on the cooling system after a few years of inactivity.

Unusually for a Datsun of this age it is rust free, but I don't tend to use it during the winter.

Asides from very minor faults, a good one should prove hassle free.

The brakes are fairly poor too.

General Comments:

Cheap to run, insure and buy, and due to its basic engine layout a great way to learn about simple engines. Access to the engine is excellent. Body parts are a bit thin on the ground, but can be found via the owners club. Mechanical parts are fairly easy to buy.

This car is not recommended for longer distances, particularly motorways. The engine whine is tiresome at speeds over 50mph and the seats are lack support. However in town it really keeps up with modern traffic, easy to park, excellent turning circle with a light precise feel to the steering. The gearbox is occasionally notchy, but is precise enough.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2003

1975 Datsun 100A 2-door L 988cc petrol from UK and Ireland


Bargain small car for its day


Front hub bearing failed.

Carburetter (Nikki) idle air-jet unscrewed itself.

Some rust on chromium bumbers appeared very early in the car's life.

Blew a head gasket at 40000 miles.

Gearbox needed SAE20W50 oil, otherwise would not engage second gear when cold.

General Comments:

Excellent small car spoiled only by poor interior packaging and excessive gear whine. Very well assembled and painted.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2002

1976 Datsun 100A E10 1.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


An inexpensive and individual vehicle


The fuel pump failed. Unfortunately, the problem caused three breakdowns before it was correctly diagnosed. On hot days the engine would die at idle speeds as a result of fuel starvation. As the engine cooled, the problem appeared to correct itself and the car would re-start. The replacement pump cost approximately £40 from a Nissan garage and took ten minutes to replace (2 bolts). No further mechanical problems were experienced.

The rear wheel arches suffered from rust and needed some minor welding.

General Comments:

The car was individual, reliable for its age and, very inexpensive to run. Insurance was less than £100 per year for a male under 25 (in 1994). The car returned over 50 miles to the gallon if driven carefully, and cost just £100 in parts / repairs to keep on the road for 3 years. In addition I had the oil changed every 5000 miles.

Although performance was never the 100A's strong point, it could keep up with modern traffic to speeds of about 40 miles per hour. Any faster, and the car struggled a bit.

For a small car, the interior was very spacious and the car was surprisingly comfortable on long journeys. The cabin was a little noisy at speeds much over 55 mph.

The steering was light and responsive, and the visibility was excellent.

The only irritating feature on the car was the stay which held the boot lid open and needed to be manually released before the boot could be closed.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2001

26th Aug 2001, 15:55

We had a similar problem with our '79 B310 Sunny 140Y. The petrol filter became blocked, which meant petrol couldn't get through, leading to the car stalling and cutting out, although it never actually completely broke down.

Apart from that, it's been brilliant. Gets a few stares now because of its age, and also because there are so few about.

Rust is a problem, but then it's an old car. I myself have been looking for a 100A E10 saloon for my first car. Went to look at one, but didn't buy it as it needed much restoration. Are you in the Datsun Owners Club, e-mail me if you want :)


1976 Datsun 100A 2 door L 1.0 from UK and Ireland


A charismatic cheap individual runabout!


February 2000, I unfortunately blew the engine up! Due to the sump losing a lot of oil on the A34. Bearing in mind there are less than 90 working examples left in the country, I managed to locate a dead 100A and successfully did a engine transplant.

Other than this, the car needs a little wielding to get it legal for its MOT.

Nothing else has gone wrong with this marvellous little car in the 8 months I've owned it, but I don't fancy my chances in an event of an accident....

General Comments:

The Datsun owners club are a great help with locating parts and advice. Not surprisingly there is no snobbery or elitism amongst its many members.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2000