1978 Datsun 120Y GL from Singapore


Very reliable car


Slightly rusted roof top replaced 2 years ago.

The doors were changed.

Gear box was overhauled.

Upholstery of seats and sides doors was done.

A new white paint coat was done.

The car was in showroom condition.

General Comments:

Having used it for 26 years, it was driven 600,000km. When it is driven on the road, people will stop and ask how old the car is? And they will reply, oh I learned to drive using this car.

A very easy car to drive; my compliments to the manufacturer for giving me a lovely car.. Thank you Datsun, Nissan the manufacturer... I will keep it as long as I live...

"I love you 120YGL...!!"

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Review Date: 9th December, 2003

21st Aug 2013, 10:59

600,000 kilometres! That's incredible but believable for one of these cars. What wonderful machines and such a great talking point.

1978 Datsun 120Y 1.2 from Australia and New Zealand


The horrible thing just wouldn't die..


It overheats if pushed hard, which is almost all the time.

Needs to be warmed up for ten minutes every time it's started cold.

Leaks a lot of oil from the rear main.

Rust in most panels, and every panel has faded to become different shades of green.

Odometer doesn't work.

Seats are giving me spinal problems.

Lets more water in than it keeps out during the rain. Thankfully, it just leaks right out again.

General Comments:

Got this car for nothing, sold it for $50. Could be repaired with duct tape and servicing was easy.

Tried to kill it, but it wouldn't die. It just kept going in spite of everything I tried to throw at it.

Painfully slow - makes my old 1600 Volkswagen seem like a fireball. Wouldn't spin the wheels on wet marbles. A manuals would be better.

Nearly falls over itself when cornering.

Seats are lop-sided and my head hits the roof (Coupe roof is very low).

It used hardly any fuel, although I suspect it could run on orange juice if needed. Parts very cheap.

It should be the worst car I have ever driven, but I actually grew to like it.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2003

1978 Datsun 120Y GL 13B rotary turbo from Australia and New Zealand


The best 120y in Australia


Nothing. The car has run for 23 years without any problems.

The original motor ran for 22 years and was never rebuilt, and is still running to this very day in my other 120y.

Only things that were changed are tyres, engine oil, points, brake pads, coolant and spark plugs.

General Comments:

My Rotary Datsun 120y is the best 120y in Australia.

It has been judged by Nissan Datsun Australia and is the best in all fields of body, interior, engine, stereo and wheels.

I have two 120y Datsun's and am buying a third off an old lady who also has had hers since new.

I will be restoring another 120y to make it the best 120y in the world. It will be almost original, only it will have a big V8 blown in it.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2001

31st Aug 2001, 11:22

Are you sure you meant to put "1" for running costs? 1 is the most expensive? Datsun's are usually cheap to run. Anyway, you're spot on about their performance & reliability being 10/10:) - (1980 Datsun owner, UK)