1974 Datsun 260C GL - 230 Series 2.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Luxury on a budget


I bought the car off a ninety one year old man for $200, and spent about $1000 to get it roadworthy. It required new arm bushes, some hoses, a new master brake cylinder and other minor works. I also had the carby reconditioned.

The car would stall regularly, but I think this was due to crud in the gas tank blocking the fuel lines rather than an engine problem.

The radio aerial was fused in the up position, and couldn't be lowered using the in-dash switch.

Cassette player didn't work, but radio reception was decent.

The interior was in generally good condition except for some sun damage on the rear parcel shelf.

Eventually the engine seized and that was the end of the relationship. I really could have loved her better, looking back.

General Comments:

Beautiful to drive, steady at speed, and the power steering was great.

Heaps of room for passengers in front and rear, plus many mod cons (rear reading lights, folding arm rest, electric windows all round).

Very solid build.

The detail stitched into the seat backs and head rests was lovely.

A real looker (mine was midnight blue).

Drew a lot of comments and thumbs ups from drivers on the road.

My ex-girlfriend dug it, and probably only dated me because of it.

I think about it often, and wish I'd treated it better (my ex-girlfriend, too).

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Review Date: 29th July, 2011

1976 Datsun 260C GL 2.6 OHC from Australia and New Zealand


A quality 70's Japanese car


No problems.

General Comments:

My first car, the Datsun has proved reliable, moderately quick whilst also keeping an excellent 70's design.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2004

1st Nov 2005, 04:41

The sedan my mate bought me is still choice,still looking for h330 wagon though.

5th Dec 2006, 04:48

Sold the sedan now, life sees meaningless with no datsun 260c I'm driving a front wheel drive 4 cyclinder now, a ford oh no what have I done.

1976 Datsun 260C GL 2.6 Six from Australia and New Zealand


A cool 70's luxo-barge, Japanese style


The exhaust manifold had warped when it was given to me. Turns out there were only 6 bolts holding the manifold on, when there needed to be 12. Possibly the work of an absent-minded mechanic. Performance was mediocre at best, however I machined the face of the manifold and secured it using all 12 bolts and the difference was astounding.

The original alternator wore out at about 132,000 kilometres and I replaced it with a Bosch 80amp unit.

I had to top up the power steering fluid about every 1000 kilometres until I got the power steering fixed at 137,000. I'm pretty sure the power steering unit was not original, and that it was installed not long after my grandfather bought it new.

General Comments:

Quite frankly, I love this car. It was given to me by my grandfather, in mint condition and I've kept it that way ever since.

For one thing, this is a very comfortable car. The seats are supportive, comfy and perfectly shaped.

There is ample room inside the cabin, enough even for my 6'3" figure.

Noise inside the cabin is limited to the quiet sound of the engine and the slight whirring sound of the automatic gearbox. At high speeds (100+km/h) there is also a very faint differential noise (very similar to that of the gearbox). To tell you the truth, I like these noises. It reminds you you're in a car, not a lounge room.

The performance is good from the 2.6 Litre 6 cylinder. The 3speed auto is a bit limiting when it comes to acceleration, but once it gets up to speed, it's a great cruiser. It happily sits at 100km/h down the freeway and on a trip to the Northern Territory, it ploughed along at 140km/h quite fine. It held its own up to about 165km/h when I decided that 140 was just fine after all. It also felt a bit 'floaty' above 150.

In addition to this, the car is extremely solid. I often joke about the car being carved out of a solid block of steel.

There are also a few points of interest about the car: the retractable aerial can be controlled inside the cabin via a rocker switch (you can make it go up and down). There are light failure indicators for the headlights on the front of the car and ones for the tail lights in the parcel shelf. (the ones in the rear look like 2 little red eyes). This car has the same engine as in the 260Z and has about 140 horsepower.

As an overall car, its just as good as my '95 Holden Commodore (the Commodore is my daily driver as I am currently in the process of doing up the 260C).

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Review Date: 13th October, 2003

3rd May 2005, 18:57

I liked your review as I think 100% the same about the 260C as I recently got one. I enjoy driving it and the seats are very good.

Thank you for such a good write up.

27th Aug 2005, 23:34

I have recently purchased a 1975 Datsun 260c off of a man who had owned it for 30 years, at 15 years old this is my first car and it is in immaculate condition for its age. It also has the 3-speed automatic and I find it to be a very comfortable car that cruises at the speed limit with ease.

I am also having small problems with the exhaust manifold, a small hole making a "chuff" sound, a gas station attendant commented that the car sounded like a tractor (will be repaired shortly). I haven't gone far over 110km/h and don't intend to.

I would like to lower the car slightly and purchase wide whitewall tires when it needs them next, it has new tires at the moment so perhaps a set of clip-ons until then, other than that I would like to keep the car in its current super tidy state. Expect to see the green Datsun driving the streets of Dunedin soon.