9th Jun 2004, 12:15

I have bought a 81' 310 gx this year for 5 hundred and it has been well worth the price. I get anywhere from 35 to 45 miles per gallon. This is a great car I'm customizing mine right now. I'm going to get a lot of work put into it.

But I agree on every thing you say.

Chris Tagg 18 year old from TX.

20th Jun 2004, 21:21

I had one. Reliable, economical and uncomplicated. If something broke, you could go to the local parts store, get what you needed and put it on yourself. Now what's required is a degree in computer science and 50,000 dollars worth of diagnostic equipment just to get started. Back to the Simple Life!!!

30th Nov 2004, 02:13

Calgary, AB, Canada.

Bought a Vancouver based one owner 1981 310 GX in 2001 with 35000 km. Now almost 2005 it has 75000 km. Only repair:starter/solenoid last year, likely due to former owner doing short trips. Alignment holds true, engine uses minimal oil, good economy, starts first try in Calgary's 55 below zero winter freeze without a block heater or garage. Vancouver cars don't have block heaters. Don't judge a car by it's cover... mostly when it's jump starting your late model car/truck's dead-from-cranking battery !

2nd Jan 2005, 04:39

Ha, I'm a proud 310 owner. I live in Australia. Over here these cars are called Datsun Pulsar.

I love my 1981 Pulsar. I've fitted a full stainless steel exhaust system and electric fuel pump. Since then she has ran like a dream.

I'm planning on a full respray in european model cherry red. If you want to see pics, email fibar_1@hotmail.com with a return email address.

5th Aug 2005, 13:16

I am 17 will be 18 soon, and I own a 1981 Datsun 310 GX. My father gave it to me in less than running condition, he overheated it badly and fried the piston rings out of it, then it sat in his backyard for 6 years, and he gave it to me for my 15th birthday. I totally rebuilt the motor (A14, not the stock motor for that car) which was $120, replaced the speedo head and cable and that cost $55. I am working on customizing it right now. Its metallic brown (i have never seen that color on any other car) which is the original paint, with gold trim. Even with it not totally fixed up yet, it's a sharpie.



1st Oct 2005, 18:28

Just had to Google this Car to re-live my college days. The 81 310GX was my second new car (had a regular 310 before that). I ran this thing about 80K miles through 5 years of college. Never, ever, ever did it let me down. Bring on the heat (wish I had spent the extra for air...) the cold, the rain, the snow. On a related side note- I was working at a stereo store at the time and got equipment at cost. I put a $1000 stereo (cost me about $250) in this thing and it was heaven...