2015 Datsun Go Plus 1.2 petrol from India


The small modest car with a big heart


The wiring for the optional electric rear windows short circuited on the day of delivery of the vehicle. The short circuit affected the electronic steering power as well. The dealer however fixed the problem the following day. I will not rate this as a major problem because it is an optional feature for the vehicle.

There is a little rattling on the front door locks.

General Comments:

I would like to refer to this car as a small car with a big heart: The Datsun Go Plus is a car which is small but has the capacity to carry a maximum of seven passengers. The third row seat is not appropriate for adult seating though. I wish this seat was also offered as an option.

The car is sold without any bells or whistles, no electronic power mirrors; just one cabin light; only seats at the front side of the vehicle are self-retractable, the car horn is quieter than motorcycle horns in India. A/C comes with manual settings (but very strong and cools the cabin fast), radio is offered as optional as well! The lack of many features makes the Datsun Go Plus a bit more reliable (because there are less electronics to tamper with), and also lighter on fuel by not having to carry the additional weight from many accessories.

The car gearbox ratios are among its best features; the gear ratios are long enough to offer a fast sprint at low RPM. One can easily notice the speed increasing as from third gear.

The torque is good, it drives like a diesel engine - never complaining driving between 1500 to 2000 RPM. The body weight to engine power ratio (owing to its light construction materials) is excellent, so most of the engine power does not go to waste.

Being a car designed for average income buyers, the car maintenance costs are extremely good, taking into consideration this is a Nissan and Renault flesh clad in a Datsun suit - engine from Nissan, gearbox from Renault and vehicle platform is that of Nissan Micra/Nissan March vehicles.

Comfort is very much acceptable, if not so good for a vehicle within the Go Plus' very light price bracket. The shock absorbers are slightly on the stiff side (probably to be able to take a load of seven passengers), and as a result the car can withstand bad roads or running tough over road humps.

If you want to save your money, if you are not interested in the high end bells and whistles in a vehicle, or if you are an expatriate who will move on from the country; or you are a taxi operator, or even if you require a small car which can handle family needs and at a very reasonable price; do not blink for the Datsun Go Plus - just go for it!

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Review Date: 24th February, 2017