27th Apr 2008, 18:08

Laurel? BEST CAR!

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13th Jan 2009, 18:35

Is this one allowed?? THE BEST CAR I EVER OWNED... as I can't find much by the way of details about my much loved Datsun 1800cc laurel registered in the U.K. made in 1972 on a K REG. Colour light green metallic. These cars were very thin on the ground, I only knew of about two other examples in a 30 mile radius of Liverpool. This car was the forerunner of the very first 160b and 180b Bluebirds that were imported into Great Britain in 1973 L reg. The Laurel had a far higher spec than most of the competition of the day; the most common being the Ford Mk III Cortina.

MECHANICAL STUFF; I only replaced the usual parts like brake shoes/pads it did suffer from seized calipers later on and a propshaft hardy spicer joint, it was rear wheel drive all round independent suspension. oh and the camshaft double chain (metal not rubber) needed adjusting due to it rattling. It rusted away at bottoms of the doors, the petrol tank leaked from the seam half way up then fell off.

But apart from these "minor" problems, it run forever, started every time and never suffered any serious mechanical faults. I have still got the workshop manual I bought for it with nice pictures of the Laurel and a colour one of a Primrose Bluebird 180b.

IT'S NICE TO SEE ; you enthusiasts out there with similar interests as myself, and I hope the bit I have added about this lovely rare old car can be added to the little information that is available now for others to see.

1st Feb 2011, 12:31

I was the person who wrote a comment on 24th Dec 2006, 12:56, saying that I am looking for a third Laurel C31 as spares.

I found it and bought it immediately. I now have three daily runners! The third one had only 234000 km on the clock. This one however was owned by a 82 year old gentleman who bought it out the box in 1984. The condition of this C31 is better than most 5 year old cars.

I am now in a position where I know that I'll be driving Laurels till I die. All three of them are in the condition that they should last another 20 years.

I am now looking for a 4th one for spares...(watch this space).

25th Apr 2012, 16:02

Hi, I am Naif Jamali. My first car is a Datsun Laurel 200l 1982.

And it is superb, and looks like it will work until the end of my life... I love it, and will use it forever.