1967 Datsun RL411 SSS R-16, 1.6L from North America


One hell of a fun and unique car to own and drive


Blew the head gasket (though didn't know it until later) VERY early on, but not the car's fault... 118 mph might have had something to do with it.

The original car (purchased 3/68) died before it was 4 years old, but you wouldn't believe how bad I thrashed the poor thing.

Actual mileage on the original car is unknown.

General Comments:

The RL version of Datsun's 411/Bluebird model (1964-1967) had the same engine as the roadster (R-16), and was the original 'rice-rocket' IMHO.

Fun as hell to drive, screams at highway speed (really screams - literally - if it's an automatic because of low gearing).

I drove that car up to 118mph (really), and threw it around on mountain roads like the crazy kid I was at the time (17).

It's been said it rides like an oxcart, and that's not an unfair comparison. But it's still a very fun car to drive, GOOD visibility, riding high, stately. In fact my current running 411, 'Grace', is named for that quality, plus she's grey.

I currently own seven 411's (plus a 410), including a '67 RL411 1600 with automatic ('Grace'), a '67.5 RL411 SSS wagon with auto, a '67.5 RL411 SSS sedan with stick, and a '67 PL411 (J-13 engine) with stick.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2003

30th May 2003, 19:12

Nice review, but then... I wrote it. Didn't post it to this site. Never gave permission for it to be used. Just wrote a contact for this site on this subject. Will await his response.

25th Aug 2023, 15:36

Almost bought a 1967 Datsun 411 sedan from a lot in Bellingham in ‘74, but instead bought a ‘65 bug for my first car at 17. Had I known how special these cars were, oh well. The one I was looking at seemed pretty shot and the dashboard was cracked.