27th Mar 2006, 10:53

Actually, it really has to do with certain designs. For example, there are many cars today (Porsche Cayman) that simply look unattractive in photos, but are quite different in person. I wasn't thrilled by the Cayman's looks until I saw it at the Detroit Auto Show in person. The Delorean was unique in its looks, but never photographed the way a Ferrari photographs. Yet in person it is quite attractive and a head turner.

3rd Aug 2007, 02:00

Does LOTUS not transform into Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious?

20th Apr 2008, 21:57

But as the fiberglass fades and gets brittle, and the cheap metal in the newer cars rusts out, the delorean will still be there with the stainless-steel body and time-less looks.

Man, if the car corporations were smart, they would start making cars like this.


21st Apr 2008, 16:03

As a Delorean owner for the past 15 years I have had issue with the car as would any car that is this old BUT... if you maintain the car as it should be maintained you will have a Delorean that runs well and will last. Bad cars are usually born from little or no care to their routine maintenance.

Low mileage Deloreans are a joke as the speedometer angle drive on most all cars have failed at one point or another. Some owners are slow to fix it, racking up miles and then claiming "low miles"...

I've got almost 100K documented miles on my car with full repair history. Any sports car from Europe (Delorean included... Northern Ireland) with Lucas electronics etc... will have issues.

This car was developed and put into production very quickly and yes, the engine is anemic, but very reliable.

Sure, I'd like a Corvette with a 300hp motor and kick-butt speed but what's the point? The Delorean was always marketed as a "gentleman's sportscar"...not a tire screeching hot rod...

The Delorean lives because of it's timeless look, corrosion proof body and it's iconic place in automotive history. Sure it had it's faults... but over the years most owners have fixed or replaced the questionable parts.


16th Aug 2008, 11:58

Here's a few sayings I've come across, including one of the previous commenters'.

Lotus- Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious

Ford- Fix Often Repair Daily

Edsel- Every Day Something Else Leaks

Not terribly relevant to the DeLorean, I know, but one of the previous commenters' sayings caused me to think of writing this down.

16th Nov 2008, 19:27

I own a Delorean in the UK (Vin #5706). I was fortunate in buying it from DMC Texas. It was a tip-top condition when I got it and it's remained that way.

It's lovely to drive, but it's no sports car - a grand tourer perhaps.

The visibility is not great, but it's no worse than a Lotus.

It's a great car because it's rare and it's steel - something about those panels makes everyone touch the damn things.

It's also lots and lots of fun and the reaction you get is great - not envy or jealously, just enjoyment and good natured banter.

The owners club is good too.

Having driven a Countach for the day as a swap, I'd have the Delorean every time - and it's at least 50% of the cost.