14th Nov 2005, 06:09

I have to agree with the people who say it is stupid to wreck a DeLorean. Rare cars like that are collectible, and they've become a part of history. And actually the many problems are all part of what can make a rare car special. Like all special cars, you can actually get some money for a DeLorean, even it is in a bad condition. And it has to be said that wrecking something in stead of getting money for it is rather stupid. Seems to me that you bought a Delorean and believed it was to be used like an every day car. That tells me that you don't know much about cars. People who buy these cars buy them to have fun. If you want a reliable car, buy a Toyota or something, not something as special and fragile as a Delorean.

What will be you next car? A "reliable" Citroen SM? Maybe you actually get to wreck another special car, before the very eyes of people who would like to buy it. That should sure give you a rush. Maybe you can drink french wine from the remaining ash tray too.

14th Nov 2005, 11:41

Actually my current car is a 1963 split-window Corvette. However, I found the divider in the rear window to be a real distraction when looking in the mirror, so I smashed the rear glass out and cut out the divider with a sawzall. I am going to replace the glass with some sheets of plexiglass joined together with some silicone sealant, which I hope will work.

23rd Nov 2005, 01:10

Simply stated, the Delorean was a poorly made car, but is still a rare car with some value. Old muscle and classic cars lack a lot of the comforts, safety, and features of a new car, but still are timeless classics with value. Bottom line, these types of cars are antiques that deserve better care than your normal daily-driven car. If you don't want the high maintence of an antique car, don't own it.

If this guy and some of the commentors on this site enjoy wasting money, maybe they should be spending it on something more worthwhile. Remember, a car was only ever designed to be a means of transportation from point A to point B. At least the reviewer proved one thing though, he can destroy old classic cars. I can burn ants with a magnifying glass though if that counts.