1980 Dodge Aries LE 2.6 Mitsubishi from North America


It is not for luxury, but a great first car for your kids


These were things that went wrong due to the car defects.

Speed sensor gear ruined.

Tires needed replaced.

Window regulator went bad.

Spark control module failed.

Heater never worked well.

Seats tore up after a while.

Dash rattled badly.

Even when tires and alignment were good, the car shook at high speeds.

Differential fluid leaked.

General Comments:

Since it had a 2.6 liter Mitsubishi engine, it performed well for a 4 cylinder. Off the line it was great.

The transmission, despite leak in the differential area, was indestructable.

The problems listed were minor things. I will say it started no matter what. The car once sat for 9 months, parked, but still started with a little effort.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2004

2nd Nov 2004, 08:45

The Aries/Reliant K-cars did not show up until the 1981 model year. Their predecessors, the Aspen/Volare, were still around in 1980.

And it took Chrysler a few years to get the K-car right. The first ones were pretty horrible: slow, cheaply built especially the interior, with its hard plastic dash that was made to only look like a padded dash!

1980 Dodge Aries LE 2.2 L from North America


Another quality car made for decent off-roading


Constantly the battery charging system didn't charge resulting with low or dead battery causing no start.

Automatic transmission started off with slips in reverse eventually resulting in no reverse.

General Comments:

This was another quality made USA car.

This car was used my me and my friends off-roading. The "K-Car" took a lot of punishment and kept going, but sadly not as much as my previous car.

The suspension was rough and the interior of the car rattled because it was so bad.

The car ran much better after I installed a Super-flow intake system. A much needed upgrade for sluggish acceleration.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2001