1977 Dodge Aspen RT 5.2 gas 360 from North America


It's the only car I have ever loved!


My daddy tried to put a 340 in it and blew the crank shaft, so we are thinking about putting a 360 in it with an automatic tranny. But otherwise it's all original and in excellent condition.

General Comments:

I have a Dodge Aspen RT 77, and it's in great shape.

However I want to get it re-chromed, upholstered, and put in a 360 with automatic transmission, cos I am taking it over, and I want it to drive to my own comfort level and satisfaction.

As for the muscle or not muscle, I would have to say it drives and handles like good, solid American muscle, but I don't really care what others call it. I know it is my daddy's car and it holds nothing but happy memories from my childhood.

I do know one thing. We never broke down or got stranded in it. The only time any work has been needed is when daddy busted something (like the spoilers that came on it originally), or he wanted to make some changes as a hobby; never did this car let us down.

My opinion is that, although I have limited experience, I am in the car repair business, and I wouldn't trade the RT for anything ever. It's more reliable than a BMW.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2006

9th Nov 2010, 21:19

I can respect the sentiment. I paid more to repaint my parents car (same color) than the price they paid for it new in 1970. It's part of the family. Some things are more than just dollars and cents. A lot of memories are attached.

4th Jan 2011, 12:37

It was the worst car we ever owned. We ordered new from the dealer, a two door with landau top, V8, received it December 6, 1976.

From day one it had constant stalling problems, numerous mechanical problems and even the fenders rusted out in less than 3 years.

When we went to buy another car (in late 1980 with less than 35,000 miles) on it, dealers would not take it in trade.

5th Jan 2011, 12:40

It is always interesting how old Chrysler products like this engender extreme love it or hate it responses. I tend to believe those that say Aspens were reliable, durable cars, and the reason is this: Though I never owned an Aspen, I worked for a taxicab company that had many Dodge Diplomats, the successor and pretty much mechanically identical car which succeeded it, and they were astoundingly durable and quite reliable - both the 'slant six' models and the 318s. So, I'm skeptical of those who attack the homely old Aspen.

22nd Jun 2011, 07:04

I personally think the Aspen is a great car.

I recently bought a 77' Aspen Wagon with the slant 6. This car is mechanically sound for being 34 years old. I bought it with 58k on the ticker and she runs beautifully. She may have looked ugly in her time but now displays a sexy look!

Just my two cents.