1980 Dodge Aspen Special Edition (SE) 3.7L / 225 C.U. Inline Six Cylinder "Slant Six" - from North America


Extremely reliable, attractive and affordable Dodge coupe


Speedometer went at 29,000 miles.

C-Clip connecting throttle linkage went at 29,000 miles.

Catalytic converter blew up at 29,000 miles.

Carburetor was out of tune (led to stalling, poor fuel economy, etc). Easy fix.

General Comments:

Being a low-mileage, original 1980 Dodge Aspen, this car still has yet to be completely broken in with only 29,000 miles original miles.

The acceleration on this car is dismal to say the least, but the engine is also strangled by emissions and a single barrel carburetor. Stock this vehicle produces 95 net horsepower. After "freeing up" the engine from restrictive emissions / exhaust system and upgrading the carburetor it produces around 135-140 net horsepower.

The acceleration, while not the greatest, is enough to exceed any highway speed limit by a large margin.

The 3-speed automatic transmission (A-904 Torqueflite Series) shifts flawlessly. Like any older car, you can definitely feel it when it shifts though.

The handling on this car stock was reasonable. The car is something you could drive every day and live with. Rain or shine, it will keep on going without an issue (depending on your speed of course).

The interior is typical of a late 1970's Chrysler. Some fake wood here and there, but the interior is color-coded. The 60-40 split velour bench seats are very comfortable, and as mentioned before, something you could drive every day without hurting your back.

While the space in the rear seats is limited, bear in mind this was considered an economy / compact car when first produced. The rear seat space is not entirely different then that of a 2008 Ford Mustang, for example.

The stock stereo system for these vehicles could have been ordered with an AM radio, AM / FM radio, and/or an 8-track cassette system. Reception is good with the removable antenna.

In terms of fuel economy, this vehicle is on par with most modern mid-sized rear wheel drive sedans with roughly 25 MPG highway and about 19 MPG city.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2009

1980 Dodge Aspen Slant 6 from North America


Awesome. Unstoppable. Consistently impressive


Pinion bearing needs replacing.

Spider gear stripped at around 250,000.

Wheel cylinders and calipers need replacing.

Front and rear bench seats badly worn.

Front fenders had to be replaced due to rust.

Some small holes in undercarriage and trunk floor.

Needs a paint job :-)

General Comments:

This car has rescued me from supposedly "better" cars more times than I care to count.

It has outlasted a Chevette, a Volvo, and two Honda's, and that's with daily use, not sitting under a tarp.

It has never once failed to start, nor has it ever left me stranded at the side of the road.

The slant six / four speed auto combination is absolutely bulletproof.

I've been told that this engine could easily last 500,000 kilometers with regular preventative maintenance and I believe it!

If you calculate reliability per dollar paid, this car is easily one of the best you could ever buy.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2004

21st Apr 2005, 07:59

This is really one of the best cars I have ever had!

24th Nov 2005, 04:21

My 1980 Dodge Aspen SE that I bought in summer 1983 is still running good and passes inspection every year with minimum repair and maintenance costs. I think it will run for another 25 years. Greetings from Tommy, Torrevieja, Spain.

8th Nov 2006, 10:38

I have owned a 1980 Volare. When the rear end ave out I bought a1980 aspen R/T for a wrecker for cheap. I'm a student so I put the old slant six in the dodge, which has nearly 400,000km on it, and I drive it everyday to school gotta love these cars I plan on making her one of a kind hot rod.

Carl from Canada.

1980 Dodge Aspen R/T 5.2 318 from North America


5.2L Power!


The master cylinder is bad, and the brakes are shot.

The front quarters are rusting.

General Comments:

I love my Aspen R/T! It performs like I expected it to, and it's really comfortable.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2002