2013 Dodge Avenger SXT 2.4 liter from North America


A very good, underestimated car


Nothing yet, the car is awesome.

General Comments:

I will admit that I was against buying an Avenger, but that was based off of bad info. I drove a 2.4 liter SXT model & truly was impressed; very tight suspension, but not overly tight. Handles very good, and was impressed with the engine & the overhauled interior.

I also drove a SE version with the new 3.6 Pentastar engine. It didn't have all of the extras the other one had, but the car was just as good, but I was just expecting more from the V6. Not saying it was bad, just thought there would be more power feel etc, and it just didn't seem that much better to lose all of the extras the SXT has.

So I bought the SXT with the 2.4 liter four cylinder, & have not been let down yet. The car brand has a bad name, & now I know it's for no good reason. There are some issues when Chrysler brought back the brand, but not catastrophic issues, like engines blowing up or transmissions. Now at the 2013 model year, I feel they have come a long way.

Is the car totally perfect? No, but no car is. But to give this model car the bad rap I see all the time, in so called professional reviews, is just grossly biased, and people just need to go drive one at a dealership, & I don't mean a base model, I mean an SXT at least, to see that the cars are really nice.

I will say the car has a bad blind spot, but it's bearable if you are a careful driver.

Overall I believe it is a very good car, and people just need to get out there and try one out. Some of the specs of my car are the 2.4 liter inline 4 cylinder, the new 6 speed auto with auto stick feature, 6 speaker satellite, CD, MP3 AM/FM radio, & it has all the cool LED lights inside & outside.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2012

5th May 2013, 20:30

I just rented one of these and I must agree, the Avenger is a perfectly fine car. In particular, I was impressed with the interior quality and the overall smoothness of the ride (which came as a surprise given some of the reviews). The car seemed to display a wonderful cruising ability at highway speeds, and also handled nicely for a family sedan.

My only dislikes were the blind spots, the brakes, which just seemed a little unresponsive compared to most other new cars I've driven, and the engine/transmission combo. The 2.4 definitely felt strained and while the transmission was smooth, it seemed totally confused as to what gear it should be in, frequently fluttering about and revving higher than one would expect in casual driving.

Despite those things, I absolutely think it's a better car than a Corolla or Camry.

6th May 2013, 12:35

Chrysler has really done an awesome job with the new Avenger. Two of my closest friends have bought these cars recently and are very pleased with them. They are an incredible bargain. I was amazed at how low the purchase price was. It was lower than some sub-compacts. I drive a lot of cars, and the Avenger is definitely a better buy than any Japanese brand.