26th Jul 2007, 18:48

I have something in common with the reviewer in that I'm also a big Mopar fan of the older ones, and like him, they lost their appeal to me after about 1980, and I don't feel like they have anything to offer me anymore.

I own a '73 Charger and '71 Barracuda, both of which I've had for 20 years. My previous cars were a '64 Dodge 440, a '67 Chrysler Newport, and an '85 Dodge Ramcharger. My family has owned a '68 Fury, '69 Roadrunner, '69 Coronet, '71 Charger, '72 New Yorker, '74 Monaco, '75 Charger, '75 Fury Sport, '76 Volare, '77 Volare, '77 Tradesman van, '80 Volare, '84 Reliant. You get the idea.

I got to like the Reliant, it seemed like a much better car than its econo-box contemporaries like the Chevy Cavalier or Ford Escort. But when Dodge made a piece of crap like the Durango, I started to lose faith in them. How could a company that produced the indestructible 318 or 225 Slant 6 make a piece of junk like the 4.7 L or 2.7 L "sludge-o-matic"??

How could a company that made the bullet-proof A727 Torqueflite make crap transmissions that fail, fail, fail??

How could they replace the Ramcharger with a piece of rolling crap like the Durango??

It's makes a person feel like there's nothing left to believe in... Just to show how bad it got, I actually bought a Ford instead of a Dodge when I needed a new car.

2nd Mar 2010, 17:31

I just had to search a sight.. in regards to 95 Avenger. I purchased a new one in 95..I loved the car, but during a trip to ca from ut, I experienced a very rough shimmering, when slowing down.. I had less than 200 miles.. My car was in the shop about every other month, until finally, the dealership, gave me a trade for another new one, which had the same problem, The funny thing is, when my 2nd Avenger had the same problem, they gave me the first one to drive.. LOL I was very sad to give up both of the cars, and to this day, I have no idea what the problem was.