1981 Dodge B250 318 from North America


Comfy, tough, and reliable ride!!!


The only thing that ever "went wrong" was that the fuel filter got clogged and made the fuel pump leak (changed those in a parking lot... piece of cake, but I suspect both were original and can't blame the van.

When I purchased it, I replaced the ball joints, which were pretty worn; got new tires; changed the alternator as preventative maintenance (I'm a firm believer in preventative maintenance; changed the oil, air filter, and spark plugs (duh)... no real problems.

General Comments:

We bought this van on a whim to drive to Nova Scotia (we live in Georgia) thinking it would be comfortable to sleep in... boy were we right!!! We did the aforementioned preventative maintenance and away we went! This van made it all the way to Carlisle, PA before we had to stop because of the fuel pump. We spent the night in an Advance parking lot and purchased the fuel pump and filter for $23 the following morning. It only took a crescent wrench to fix! In a half hour we were on our way again, and never had another problem. It got us to Nova Scotia and back. This thing is reliable.

It has since driven all over the mountains of North Georgia and to Miami and back, and never let us down.

I was really sad when we had to sell it, and would highly recommend one to any fellow traveler. I must say, however, that ours had a four speed transmission swapped into it by the previous owner so it went 80mph without a problem, but these came factory with a 3-speed and I wouldn't recommend that... they rev at 50mph.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2009

1977 Dodge B250 Tradesmen 400 C.I. from North America


I am glad I bought it! In 1976


When new, an engine oil leak that the dealer couldn't fix - I did.

Gas tank overflows onto ground. Ontario service adviser explained that this is "normal".

Rear window glass on floor, back of Van when picked up as new. Paint over-spray. Delivery was very late. Dealer insisted it was not in an accident (?).

Signals didn't work upon delivery.

Tires were toed-out severely, wearing the tires out very quickly.

The Valve seals fail quickly due to the extreme heat of the big block engine.

The ignition resistor has failed more than once.

The choke heater for the bi-metal strip is too hot and opens too soon. It opens the choke when the engine is cold creating a lean choke situation. Better to disconnect the heater and allow the engine heat open the choke.

General Comments:

I like the van a lot, and do a lot of maintenance work myself. It is a good all round vehicle and serves many purposes. With the Sure Grip Differential it will do nearly the same as a 4x4 on good traction. The A727 trans with the drive-train is very reliable.

In 32 years it has had 2 body jobs, 56 oil changes and required maintenance when necessary.

For 12 years it was not driven in the winter time, and now the kilometers may be 6000 per year.

I still enjoy getting on an open stretch and putting the hammer down. 90 miles per hour safely and in comfort is not a problem!

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Review Date: 25th June, 2009

1989 Dodge B250 5.2 from Finland


Reliable of my cars


When I bought it the timing chain was so bad shape that it barely run. Changed the timing chain and the car got new life!

Transmission was once already rebuilt-ed, but because of wrong use (a500 overdrive has o/d off button, not on button!) overdrive unit went broke after 30 000 kilometers with it.

General Comments:

Dodge has always brought me back home, even when the transmission failured, it rolled to home and then stopped.

Tough to drive, pretty well performance, maybe because torque converter changed to over 2000 rpm stall version.

Got it always running, even when temperature is -30 degrees of Celcius.

Very warm in cold winters of Finland.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2007

1994 Dodge B250 Ram Wagon 5.2L from North America


Most reliable 13 year old vehicle ever


When purchased, the horn didn't work, the right taillight was out, and the radio (factory AM/FM) didn't work.

I replaced the taillight bulb, the radio with another factory AM/FM/Cassette I had around the garage, and got a junkyard steering wheel center cover (same color even!) as the trouble was they had pulled the fuse due to the covers spring had broke, making the horn sound continuously. Total cost of the repairs were $7.50. All "repairs" since purchase.

General Comments:

The van handles well, lots of room inside, but being a base model B250 Ram Wagon, you get a bit of road noise at highway speeds. It's nice though, in that I still get 19.5 MPG on the highway at 70MPH and the A/C on.

The van has, since purchased, been entirely reliable. Routine oil changes and I've rebalanced/rotated the tires as routine maintenance.

The engine purrs like a kitten too.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2007