1985 Dodge Caravan 2.2 ltr from North America


I'll just keep THIS one!


I did a long block replacement at 124000 miles.

The clutch has been replaced twice, but I drive with a LOT of clutch

One major brake service since 1987, and otherwise just pads and rotors.

Only had one overheating problem and removed the thermostat 10 years ago with no problems since. (we live in FL) Just replaced the rack and pinion unit.

Replaced the interior in 1997. The air conditioning compressor has been replaced twice.

I haven't had a car payment since 1987, so I figured I could afford it!

I'm a happy guy!

General Comments:

This van has been my main transportation since 1987, and it has NEVER left me on the roadside.

Aside from the time spent on the repairs listed above, and a week for a new paint job, it is a daily driver!

The manual transmission (a rarity, I'm told) makes it very responsive, and with the 5th gear it gets great mileage and good speed on the expressway.

I'll probably keep rebuilding it as long as I drive.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2003

27th Aug 2008, 19:29

I agree!

I had a 1986 caravan with the 2.2 and five speed stick.

Great mileage

Fun to drive

A little underpowered on the highway but I could live with that.

Had roughly 31,000 miles when I got it and 334,000 when I gave it away.

Went through three head gaskets during this time and lost 5th gear twice (well over 200,000 miles)

If it had AC, I might still have it today.

I now have a 1998 Caraven which I really like!