1986 Dodge Caravan Mitsubishi 2.6 carburated from North America


Still running with over 300k on it, not too bad!


I bought this van used as a beater cargo van for work. It has served its purpose well.

I bought it for $400 with over 300k on the odometer, so some problems were expected.

Speedometer does not work. Not a big deal.

Mizuni carburetor is rough on cold starts, warms up fine.

Gas gauge is inaccurate, runs out when it says there is a quarter tank left (kind of annoying).

Engine burns oil. Expected of any Mitsubishi engine with over 200k, let alone one with 300k. Still not too bad, doesn't burn too much.

Horn does not work. Common Dodge problem.

Paint peeling. Common Dodge problem

Driver's window off track, hard to roll up. Just never bothered to fix it.

General Comments:

Considering this van has over 300k on it of city driving, I'm surprised it's still kicking. Can't be such a bad car if it's still alive and well!

It sure as heck does not drive like my Cadillac or Buick, the suspension is cheap and the interior is spartan, but the van gets the job done at an economy price.

Gas mileage is OK, but not great for a 4 cyl engine either .

So far I've put a lot of heavy mileage on this van, and it's holding up quite well, and showing no signs of being tired.

Dodge made a great minivan, but the Mitsubishi engines are hit and miss, they can be good or bad.

This was one of the good ones.

If you are buying a Caravan, I recommend one with a 3.3 or a 3.8 engine. I've had those before, and those engines are much better for this size of van, and have a better reliability too.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2011

1986 Dodge Caravan SE 2.6L V6 from North America


Reliable old van


Radiator at 42,000 miles.

Headliner was ripped above both back seats.

Transmission started to slip at about 67,000 miles.

Front bumper was rusted out.

Fuel pump at 22,000 miles.

Exhaust was real loud.

The paint chipped badly on doors the hood and the back hatch.

The back hatch had to be held up.

General Comments:

Besides the downs of this minivan, it was good on gas and was really reliable - drove well on highways.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2007

1986 Dodge Caravan from North America


The worst car/van I have ever owned!!!


In the first 6 months I owned this car I spent over $2500 fixing various things on this car. I had to put a rebuilt transmission in it, blower fan, electrical wire replacement, brakes twice, broken emergency brake, and many other things.

General Comments:

This is the absolute worst car/van I have ever owned. I have never had to put so much money into a vehicle before in my life, and it still doesn't run right! We will be lucky to give this thing away! I paid $5,000 to purchase it, and then put another $2500 into, (its only worth about $3,500, and there are still things that need to be fixed.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2006

1986 Dodge Caravan SE 2.6 liter from North America


A Reliable and Economical Vehicle


Normal maintenance until 122,000: brakes, tires, oil change, transmission fluid and filter change.

At 122,000 head gasket blown and needing replacement, timing chain replacement, water pump replacement. Total cost $1300 US.

General Comments:

I've owned several Dodge Caravans, and this one has been the best of them all. In 8 years of use it has never failed to start up or get me where I'm going.

Several years ago I had an overheating situation when I arrived at a job, I'm a self-employed musician. The overheat had blown out my head gasket pretty badly. I had had timing chain noise for a while, even though the TC had been done relatively recently (by an incompetent mechanic).

I paid $1300 for the timing chain, head gasket and water pump. 30,000 miles later everything is still working fine.

This has been a comfortable and reliable vehicle, economical as well. Granted, it's almost 20 years old, but my thinking is that an older, well kept vehicle is more economical. Also, car manufacturers should at some point begin to realize that we're all not brainless idiots willing to buy/finance their latest and greatest, when our present vehicles will serve us better (not put us into debt) if we maintain them well.


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Review Date: 28th August, 2005

1986 Dodge Caravan SE 2.6 mitsubishi from North America


Lots of problems, but loved driving it



Power steering pump quit.

Passenger axle seal leaked.{transmission}

Steering column broke in half.

Both CV joints went out.

Some kind of brake problem no one could figure out.

Interior was shot.

Windshield wipers sucked.

Engine made weird noise.

Motor mounts needed replaced.

Leaked brake fluid.

General Comments:

Although this van had lots of problems, I loved it. It was a good old van. With all of the problems it had, it did not burn or leak any oil at all. Believe it or not, I wish I still had it.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2004

13th Mar 2005, 19:06

The engines in these vans all make "weird" noises. I can remember this even when they were new. We have a '93 Grand Voyager where I work and it makes a very strange noise. I think that it's the alternator trying to quit. The voltmeter was reading very low the other day and the electrics were weak.