1989 Dodge Caravan SE 2.5 from North America


The best mini-van ever made!


Computer chip went the first week I got the van and the A/C died at 75,000.

General Comments:

The best American vehicle I have ever owned. Great for trips and you can haul almost anything.

This van got great fuel economy when I owned it.

The A/C works great.

Mine was the 2.5 litre 4 cylinder. I never had anything go wrong with the engine in 96,000 miles or the transmission.

I bought a new Caravan in 1995 and it was the worst decision I ever made. If I could get my old van back, I would. If you are trying to find a cheap, do anything, economy vehicle, then this is it. This is the best vehicle I have ever owned and I would buy another one in a heart beat!

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2001

1989 Dodge Caravan 2.5 from North America


The 89 Caravan with the 2.5 four cylinder is bullet proof


Timing belt broke at 150k, no damage to the engine because the pistons are notched, $150 to fix.

Mapping chip died at 180k, $75 to fix.

The only weakness of the car is the handle on the tail gate falls off eventually.

And, the drivers door lock tumblers wear out at about 150k.

I love the 2.5 engine, I have run the crap out of it, 70mph in 2nd gear (even after 200k) it is bullet proof.

I change the oil every 5k.

General Comments:

I have two of these Caravans and they were identical in performance and reliability.

My driveway is 2.5 of logging road, and I have taken both Caravans into the harshest boonies, dry river beds, across streams, deserts, and mountain forest service roads where I see no one but but hunters in 4 wheel drive rigs.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2001

26th Nov 2002, 00:09

Hello all I own a 1989 Dodge Caravan and I would like to say that the engine is not bullet proof. I have a hole in the block big enough to stick both of your fists in. I'm not totally sure what happened to the engine. The engine had plenty of oil in it. I was driving about 65mph and heard a clunk noise then I preceded to slow down all of the sudden the engine sounded like it fell out of the car, of course the car died, but it gave no warning. Just beware when you purchase this car. The car only had about 90,000 miles.

The body is in great shape no problems with that area.

9th Apr 2004, 02:33

Just because it had plenty of oil didn't mean you changed it regularily. It sounds like you threw a rod, which means you bagged the crap out of the engine, that's the only thing that can make a hole in the block.

4th Jul 2004, 13:08

My 89 caravan went for ever.Yes, the handle on the hatch fell off. Yes, the paint peeled and tattered. But man did this keep going!

12th Feb 2007, 13:06

I love those things!