1995 Dodge Caravan from North America


Awesome van for adventure


The vehicle's transmission was in need of repair when it had reached 92,000 miles.

Then, again, the rebuilt transmission failed at 197,000 miles, and was repaired.

The all four tires had to be eventually replaced also.

General Comments:

My van has been a loyal servant to me and those who travel with me. It has given safe and enjoyable trips for my family and I. It is comfortable for resting, and spacious for people and luggage.

Now it's running fine at 208,000 miles. I can hardy believe it has made it this far. I have taken my van through muddy trails, and steep and bumpy terrains in the woods.

My friends riding with me thought we would get stuck for sure when I took this beast through rough, narrow four-wheeler trails in the mountains, but the van pulled through, showing it's true strength and ability.

My faithful $18,000 van with $4,000 in repairs has been well worth the price of a $22,000 SUV. My baby may have the body style of your Mom's minivan, but it has got the heart and soul of a fun, go-any-where sports utility vehicle!

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Review Date: 13th November, 2002

1995 Dodge Caravan SE 3.28 from North America


A nice car to waste money on!


Front axle 70,000. Front bearings 70,000. Transmition gone at 80,000. Aircondioner61,000. Belts Slipping 61,000. Paint Peeling 61,000.

General Comments:

Nice looking car if it wasn't for the peeling paint. No rust, not sun damage. But otherwise if you have money to spend this is a car that you will!

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Review Date: 21st May, 2002

1995 Dodge Caravan SE 3.3 V-6 from North America


Good all around van, it could convert from a people mover to a cargo hauler in 5 minutes


Nothing, but it did need new struts when we sold it.

General Comments:

It was pretty quick and never felt taxed for power.

It was pretty nice looking and with the 2 seats out could haul just about anything.

The transmission had slight slippage.

It was great in the snow with the front wheel drive.

Was a little on the small size for a minivan. The seats were kind of stiff too.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2002

1995 Dodge Caravan Base 3.0 V6 from North America


Great performing van, plan to spend money


Where can I start?

The transmission went at 52,000 miles, and then the top part of the engine at 58,000.

The valve guides were worn at 76,000, thus burns oil.

The A/C compressor went out at 90,600.

This van also stalls for no reason, this is really bad when driving long distances. I was taking it to Florida and it stalled about 15 times in a row trying to leave Subway. It has been in the garage since new and the paint looks terrible.

General Comments:

I love my van. It is great for trips, not to mention you can haul almost everything and tow with it. This van gets excellent fuel economy and is the best performing van I have driven.

Controls are easy to operate and it has good stereo. If you are going to buy one, the V6 is worth every penny.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2001

16th Oct 2002, 15:23

Our transmission went out at 120,000 miles. Compared to most, I think we were lucky. The front end "wobbles" at 10-20 MPH. The Air conditioning never works and the heater core clogs annually. Now we get a "check engine" light with a code 21 (oxygen sensor)...again and again. Aside from these problems, I agree with you... I like the vehicle. If only it were not a mechanical piece of poorly engineered junk!? HMMM...

1995 Dodge Caravan SW 3.0L V6 from North America


If you have cash to waste then this is the car for you


We had had our van no more than two weeks when the transmission went out. We took it back to the dealership and they did an overhaul. The day we picked it up it suddenly wouldn't engage in park. We ended up taking it back to be repaired again. Three times we went back to the dealer for the transmission. Supposedly it is repaired now, but it still will stick when you try to put it into reverse. Now the cooling fan module is out. You can only buy one from the dealer so there goes 400.00 bucks out the window. How long that works who knows. I understand that they go out a lot. The brakes keep having to be repaired also. All in all I have lost all faith in Dodge and their products. I wished that I had stuck to Honda. At least they have a proven record on vehicles.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2000

11th Aug 2001, 12:59

I have the same problem, myself and my family will never buy a Dodge Caravan again.

16th Oct 2002, 15:34

This is not a low cost vehicle. It just becomes a money pit. The transmissions on these are horrible as well as the climate controls and cooling fan mechanisms. Not to mention the latches, valve-guide seals, valve cover gaskets, fuel pumps, oxygen sensors...etc. etc. Unfortunately I like the positive aspects of this vehicle and if Dodge cared about mechanical quality or customer service, this would be a good vehicle. One can only dream, Dodge sucks!

21st Feb 2005, 18:23

Found initial post while searching for a fan-module for our 95 Voyager (Voyager/Caravan - same car?) Anyway, transmission (3spd w/o overdrive, replaced/rebuilt three times since 97) seemed to start "hammering"/bucking - 2 to 3 times per second. Dealer says bad module causes trans to get too hot - which causes bucking. Yup, $400 for a fan-module. Maybe there's an after-market part by now...