2007 Dodge Caravan 3.3 V6 from North America


Pile of junk!


Radiator, transmission & engine - in that order and within the same year!

General Comments:

My wife and I had two older teen children and had just had a surprise third! We needed a car that could comfortably seat 5 (including a car seat) and ended up buying a 2007 Dodge Caravan from a nationally recognized rental car company that we had a great experience with in purchasing our 2001 Dodge Neon in 2002. In both cases the entire car buying process from arrival to departure in our newer car took less than one hour and included our test drive!

Unfortunately, not long after buying the van we read an article from a well known consumer advocacy group that the absolute worst years for the Dodge Caravan were 2005 – 2007! In our first full days driving of the vehicle we discovered that one of the ‘heater core’ units was shot and needed replacement (we bought it at the tail end of winter) as well as the power lock for the passenger side sliding door.

Fortunately the dealership took care of the problem immediately (and at no cost to us) and provided us with a free rental for the two days the van was in the shop. Still it wasn’t a good feeling to learn that these heater core replacements were a fairly common occurrence with the Caravans from our model year.

In the first month of ownership we took a family trip through mountainous terrain to Lake Tahoe, and discovered that the brakes were becoming so overheated that they were ‘glazing’ and ‘fading’, and this made it dangerous to drive without frequent stops to let them cool off! And no I wasn’t ‘riding’ the brakes and have never had any problems driving numerous other vehicles in many other mountainous roads. At least the dealership replaced the front disk brakes the following week.

Then the van went to about the 100k mile mark and boom everything started failing. First the radiator, then the tie rods, followed by the transmission at 109K miles, followed by the whole engine (sheared all 3 pistons on the one side due to a faulty oil pump) just 6k miles later!!!

KBB stated our van (running and in good condition) was worth about $4k, but we had just put that much into replacing all the crap that had already broken. We ended up trading it in on a used Toyota Camry (the older two kids are both out of the house, working on their own now) and are just glad to be done with it...

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Review Date: 9th September, 2015

2007 Dodge Caravan 3.4 litre from North America


Pretty good


The brakes have squealed intermittently, and the dealership couldn't fix it, because naturally it wouldn't do it for them. But the problem seems to have resolved itself.

The brakes went in a short time, and had to be replaced, at about 45000km. Maybe that's why I haven't heard them squeal lately.

Not terribly good in snow. When I had the winter tires put on during a snowstorm, it seemed to have much less traction going away than when I went in with the summer tires.

The speakers often sound distorted, and can't seem to handle the ample bass from the radio.

The first time I got into the van, I quickly learned I have to bend my head down quite a bit to avoid getting banged on the doorframe and seeing stars, unlike the Pontiac.

General Comments:

It is less comfortable and has far fewer options than the luxurious Pontiac Montana it replaced - my daughter calls this one a welfare van.

Some more bells and whistles would be nice, but of course it is those things that broke down on the Pontiac.

We like the van, it is reliable, and just roomy enough to be comfortable. Good family van for those without a lot of money.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2010

2007 Dodge Caravan SE 3.3 from North America


Comfortable, but expect mechanical maintenance


The only real issue we had with this car was RUST. It just rusted like crazy. The back hatch hydraulic cylinders need replacing at 65,000 KM (40,000 miles). The car after 1 year does not drive the same as when taken from the dealership.

I'm a bit more aggressive driver, and the car took the hard push. It always started up in the harshest days of Winter (-40 C). The ball-joints or tie-rods possibly will need replacing soon.

The brakes is a major issue. I've replaced the brakes at least 2 or 3 times in the first 60,000 KM.

Other than that, the car is real comfortable, transmission good, engine is adequate (SXT of course is much better) and overall no major issues.

Gas mileage is also high on this vehicle. 70 litres take me as far as 450 KM at best mixed HWY/CITY.

General Comments:

Very comfortable vehicle, and great for a family and long roads.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2010

2007 Dodge Caravan SXT 3.3L V6 from North America


Cheap, affordable, inexpensive... and economical too!


Door was misaligned when the car was delivered - repaired under warranty.

Blew a few speakers (?!) - repaired under warranty.

Loose tie rod - replaced under warranty.

That's it!

General Comments:

As far as affordable people n' stuff carriers go, few are better than the Dodge Caravan.

Reasonable on gas, cheap to maintain, supremely comfy.

As long as you don't expect "sporty anything", luxurious materials, a quality feel, premium fit and finish, the Caravan is great.

Gross depreciation makes ownership a concern (I lease mine) and potentially expensive. I wouldn't buy a new one but I like leasing them.

Get a cheap used one and buy the best warranty available... you will not be disappointed.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2009