3rd Jan 2006, 18:20

That's pretty sad!I'm just a shade tree mechanic and it to me just 30 minutes to change all six plugs, wires, dist cap, and rotor. Buy a chilton's manual on ebay for 8 bucks, you can do almost all the work yourself.

31st Dec 2006, 02:41

Let me count the ways that this vehicle sucks. I have had this 1995 Dodge Caravan SE since 2003 and have had nothing, but problems. I have in the past couple of years put in over $3000 in repairs and it is still falling apart. The doors by the hinges are cracking and the passenger door has broken hence breaking the lock mechanism and also putting the door out of alignment. Now the driver side door is going. The storage under the passenger side broke years ago and refuses to stay shut. that is just the main stuff. Yikes. Never buy this van.

28th May 2007, 23:02

I have a 95 Caravan Sport SE and that's one tough van. I live in Canada, and the roads where I live are horrible and drive the hell out of it. All I replaced was an axle.

It's the 3.3 with 300 000kms on it. I've never changed the trans fluid or anything.

I change the engine oil once a year. I never made so many black marks with this van in all my life.

15th Jul 2008, 11:44

My dad had a 1995 Grayish-Blue Dodge Caravan SE. He got it when I was in the 8th grade in 2003.

When we got the car, the storage under the passenger seat was stuck shut for the 4 years we owned it.

The radio was broken too; if the car sat too long without being started, the radio would work for like a week, and we could never turn the radio off, because when it was turned back on, the radio wouldn't work for another week, but besides that the car worked pretty well.

A couple years later, the paint started to chip and the car started stalling all the time right when I got my learners permit, so I learned how to drive two footed so the car wouldn't shut off so much. It would stall everywhere in the middle of intersection and what not. It just got really dangerous, and then one of the belts snapped and broke the air compressor. My dad said that he could get the compressor repaired and the stalling was a 600 dollar repair, but he decided it wasn't worth it and we got a 2003 Chrysler Town and Country.

Overall the car was good, but I'm glad that we got the upgrade.

7th Mar 2009, 20:06

I bought my 1995 Grand Carvan SE 2 days before Christmas 2007. We then changed the oil and proceeded to drive the thing round trip from Indiana to Florida and all around Florida. The only problem we have had with the van is the rear power windows don't always work. There are no other problems to speak of. We were getting around 28 mpgs on the interstate, and the van has 165,000 miles on it. So say what you will, when it comes time to buy a new minivan, it will be a Dodge!

17th Mar 2009, 14:07

I have a 1995 Dodge Caravan - it has 518,000 KMS and going really strong. The AC does not work - I live in Canada and never made that a concern. This van is a worker - no issues with any parts - change the oil once per year and regular maintenance sporadically.

I do agree that Chrysler Customer Service is terrible. However, I have no complaints on this vehicle. I am going to replace the driver and passenger side doors since they are rutted.

Once it is summer I will be able to open the side door - I think the lock is screwy - all in all, I got my money's worth.