28th Nov 2010, 18:58

I have just retired my 1992 Caravan LE after 8 yrs of work detail.

I'm talking piles of miles in the worst roads the Bruce Peninsula has to offer and always hauling a trailer. 685 thousand kilometres. Engine and tranny still work perfectly other than the tranny is slow to downshift at a stop.

I only put brakes on it, exhaust and 1 tie rod. Mind you, it needed some work coming into this winter. The water pump failed and I called it quits.

I bought another identical van for $200 and started into it. Many parts went into it from the old van, including exhaust, radiator, tranny cooler, oil pan and a couple other odds and ends. New pads, rotors, 1 flex line, and a spring and adjuster kit for the rear. New wheel bearing on the passenger rear and it's certified and ready.

Only has 160k on it, and about to get punished for a few good years.

One thing about a Dodge I've learned, is when you think it's ready to retire, drive it for another 5 years with the attitude that if it dies on the road, it goes straight to the bone yard. Only fix what breaks, and turn up the radio. Aftermarket of course. The Infinity stereo never lasted long in any of them. LOL.

5th May 2017, 04:36

I bought my '94 Caravan with 3.3 V6 and OD transmission from the original owner 18 years ago with 80,000 miles on it (the trans had just been rebuilt by Chrysler). I now have 289,000 miles on it and drive it DAILY to work (25 miles total each day) with no problems! The motor is strong and it isn't burning any visible oil, and I still have lots of power. The trans has been drained twice (filter replaced) in all this time and it's always been very dependable. Thank you Chrysler!!