14th Aug 2009, 04:50

Hi guys, I am the author of this review.

I cannot agree a lot with previous person that posted this comment: " If you get the base model, then you have to accept that it is the base model."

I repeat my point of view again, a Charger base model is still a Charger and it needs to satisfy some minimal requirements for an almost expensive full size sedan. OK, you are right that to receive more one should pay more. But this statement does not imply that base model should be a weak car with a too plain interior, and it does not allow the Dodge to do so; it may be to push and force the customers to pay more to receive stuff that are intrinsic requirements of a full size muscle car, e.g. an engine that can give enough acceleration for this heavy car! I think am pretty clear here.

Let me give an example here and compare my Buick Regal 2000 LS, which is base model of Regal, with Dodge Charger 2007 base model. I used to own Buick Regal and I am pretty familiar with these cars, and that is why I am giving this example. My aim from this example is not to claim that Buick is better than Dodge or vice versa, this is just a support for my initial point of view about base models.

I am listing here some very obvious features that exist in my Buick Regal 2000 base model that do not exist in the Dodge Charger 2007 base model!!!

1- Regal LS has a 3800 series II engine with 200HP. With this engine I could catch and pass any car in highway except a few cars that really have giant engines. But what about base model of Charger?!

2- Regal LS has a very perfect ice cold AC, but the Charger's AC is OK.

3- Regal LS has radio controls on steering wheel, but the Charger base model does not.

4- Regal LS has auto head and tail lights, and it turns them on or of automatically whenever it goes dark or bright. But Charger base model does not. I can remember that I was going to get a ticket because of it. Because of driving Regal for a long time I was used to totally forgetting and neglecting lights, so the first night that I was driving the Charger I forgot to turn them on! And I turned onto street with off lights! I observed a police car that turned to me, I immediately checked every thing and realized that lights are off, and I turned them on, fortunately officer went to his way after it!

5- Regal LS has a perfect audio system, with great sound quality, but the Charger has a low quality sound system.

I believe this list is much longer this, but prefer to finish it here.

So as you see, a base model of Regal, which was constructed in 2000 has much more options than a base model of Charger constructed in 2007 (2008) has.

After all I still love the Charger, however hope Dodge increases the quality and number of options in the base model of Charger.

By the way guys, I will post a complete review about my previous car, Buick Regal LS 2000 in near future. If you like to see my review please check there in near future.


14th Aug 2009, 13:22

Nice and honest review. Someone is using the site for its intended purpose. I rode in a Chrysler 300 and I expected more out of the interior for it to be such a classy car. I compared it to my 14 year old Buick and I expected more out of it. It was not much better than a dodge neon that I had a couple of years ago. It wasn't bad you just expect more. I still think the charger is one of the best looking cars on the market now. BTW I love the auto headlights in my Buick, they spoil you.

14th Aug 2009, 19:19

To previous comment:

Yes, a Buick delivers much more than you expect, I love Buick as I love Charger and Challenger's looks.

But Buick Regal has been a problem for me! I used to own a Regal, and drove it and it has amazed me so much that no other car in the same price range can satisfy me now! I am trying to purchase a car, but all of those Hondas or Toyotas or Kias that I can afford to buy are too basic for me! Today I saw a Cadillac Seville and may purchase it! Now just a Cadi may satisfy me!:D:D

16th Aug 2009, 17:51

You have to consider that the Buick line always was regarded as a higher marque than the Dodge line, so a base Buick will naturally have more options than a base Dodge. Let's put it this way: if the base Charger came with a 5.7 L hemi and higher option trim, but cost $35,000 MSRP, would you have bought it? The base model Charger is about $23,000. For that price, you are buying looks, not performance.

12th Sep 2009, 02:13

I am the main author of this review:

To the comment 16th Aug 2009, 17:51.

Yes, exactly, the comment that you posted is exactly what I mean, Dodge is selling just an aggressive body and look as the base model of Charger. People that are buying this base Charger need to know that this is not a muscle car, it is just a beautiful body and look, with plain interior and weak engine!

12th Sep 2009, 17:12

Yes, you are correct, the Base Charger is not a muscle car, and at that price point I doubt there are too many people who expect it to be.

I think Chrysler Corp. offered this car (along with the base Chrysler 300) for people who wanted the look but who wanted it at a low price. Therefore you gave up better brakes, fancier wheels, power, a nicer interior etc. and got a car with a barely adequate engine, a rent-a-car interior and a mediocre stereo system in return.

Personally I would forego these "base" models for a better equipped less expensive model from another manufacturer or better still buy a late model premium brand car off lease.

18th Sep 2009, 20:53

I'd hardly call the base engine in the Charger "weak". It is very adequate for any driving need. 250 horsepower is a lot. Due to the extra weight it won't turn 6.5 second 0-60 times like a base Mustang, but it gets right at 7 seconds and that's VERY good performance. As for the wheels, I'd just buy a base model and upgrade. You can get incredible deals on wheel/tire packages now. The base Charger is not a bad car by any means. For the $10,000 you save over the hemi, you can do an awful lot of upgrading, and still pocket thousands of dollars and save a ton on your insurance and fuel costs.

19th Sep 2009, 17:33

The 3.5 liter is rated at 250 horsepower, the base 2.7 is not.

26th Oct 2009, 05:20

I have Dodge Charger 2007 turbo engine. I love it, but it has some problems like bad sound system, but my car is so fast cuz of the turbo, and I love the sound of it, wherever I go, everyone turns to the car cuz of the sound it makes, but I hate the inside of the cars, it's so classic, no design, just normal stuff. But outside of the car is so nice and aggressive, specially with black windows.

27th Oct 2009, 10:00


2007 Turbo engine??? In a Charger???

Am I missing something or did I sleep through the 2007 model year?