10th Feb 2005, 17:16

First, the goofball who wrote this review sounds like he is nowhere near Sweden, unless he is referring to Sweden, NJ.

All that "orgasmic feeling" must be affecting his eyesight (didn't they always say you'd go blind?), because the 1970 Charger never came with a 400 cid engine.

And the "advice" he is dispensing about buying a Dodge Charger?

Well, the fire extinguisher is probably a good idea, especially on a heap like this. The rest of what he is saying should be already obvious to anyone with a functioning brain.

5th Mar 2005, 09:28

How come doesn't the reviewer sound Swedish? I'm Finnish and he sound Swedish to me. Yes, many Scandinavians can actually write better English than Americans. Maybe the our grammar isn't perfect, but the idea is that matters.

Anyway, it's a great car - wish I had the money... maybe in the future.

6th Jun 2008, 23:48

Yepper, B block 400 was only 1972 to 1978. Had to have been a 383 with a 400 air cleaner cover on it.

7th Jun 2008, 10:35

Either that, or somebody had swapped in a 400 somewhere down the line. The last guy is right --- the 400 didn't appear until 1972, and was made to replace the higher performance 383 Magnum because it couldn't be made to meet the new emissions requirements. The way to tell for sure what kind of engine is to look on the flat boss on the front of the block right below the cylinder head mating seam, where the engine displacement is stamped as part of a serial number. Another thing to look for on the engines is that the 383 had a raised intake manifold, with enough space between the manifold and block to stick a couple of heat insulators, whereas the 400 had a solid cast iron intake manifold.

I could still believe that this is a review about a 1970 Charger in Sweden, despite this honest mistake about the engine size. Some of this Mopar detail is a little obscure even for new owners in the US where the cars were made, so it's totally understandable that somebody in another country could miss a few details.