1972 Dodge Colt LE 1.2 litre from North America


Low in price with performance and reliability to match


Frequent stalling. Most mechanics consulted were unable to diagnose the problem. Finally found a mechanic who determined that the "idle limit solenoid" was defective. He replaced it and the car ran well again.

General Comments:

Basic "no frills" transportation.

Not reliable enough or comfortable enough for long road trips.

OK for short trips and local around town driving.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2006

7th Dec 2006, 05:21

I had one of these same year long ago. Had a lot of options in it for being no frills. It wasn't a long commuter though.

1972 Dodge Colt 2 dr 4 cylinder from North America


Loved the reclining seats!!!


Engine blew up when dealership put in wrong valve clearance after a 1/4 race cam was installed.

Unable to start the car which lasted on and off for 10 years.I think it was a flat spot on something internal.

General Comments:

First car I ever owned. All went well untill I decided to add alum wheels, trick paint, hot cam and numerous other visual things that didn't do anything for the performance of the car.

After a cam was installed the engine blew up.

Found another one and put another 60,000 miles on the car untill finally it rotten out from under me. The only thing holding up the Tranny was the motor and the drive shaft.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2005

1972 Dodge Colt Wagon 1.6 litre from North America


Accelerator pump non-return valve came loose in carb @ 55,000 mi. Head gasket failed (factory defective installation) @ 75,000 mi. Heater inadequate for cold climates. Never notified by mfr. that brakes were inadequate. Changed to '73 rear end & replacement master cylinder in 1986. Brakes now superb.

General Comments:

Car incredibly reliable. Orig. battery lasted >8 years. Orig. A/C still going strong. Rebuilt engine @ 273,000 mi. As of JAN99, car still daily driver @ 302,000 mi. Car 100% Mitsubishi brand-labeled by Dodge. Dodge should never have changed to front wheel drive model which I have found are total dogs by comparison.

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Review Date: 7th February, 1999

19th Dec 2001, 19:49

I absolutely love my '74 Colt Wagon. Wish parts were easier to find, though.

25th May 2002, 12:45

I have a 72' Dodge Colt Wagon, recently got it for my Birthday. I have a few questions though, if any one could reply to me: Kaniko69@aol.com

~The back window was shot out, and I need to find a replacement. Know any where?

~Exhaust system is broken, and I have no idea on how to go about fixing that.

~Also, I bought a stereo for it, because mine only has am radio. Anyhow, I have to rewire every thing by myself, and All of the part stores I have gone to have no idea what a Dodge Colt (72') is.

If anyone has any ideas or knows of anywhere to go to get parts, please write to me. Thank you, Nicole.

13th Sep 2005, 00:15

I have a mitsubishi dodge colt two door sedan. I still use it everyday. Most of the parts are original and have rebuilt the engine only once since. I would want to know where I could get engine and underchasis parts. my driver side window mechanism is already busted, anyone know where to purchase one?

26th Mar 2007, 06:51

I own a dodge colt 2 door car. I still drive it everyday. I love the car because of its durability. wish I could get parts for it here in the philippines. know particularly where in the philippines?